Wanderlei Silva Plans To Stop Rich Franklin

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Wanderlei Silva will have a chance at redemption when he faces Rich Franklin next weekend at UFC 147 in Brazil and discussed the upcoming fight with MMAWeekly.com this week.

Silva talked about his disappointment in not getting to fight Vitor Belfort and also about Belfort's replacement, Rich Franklin, who beat Silva via decision at UFC 99 three years ago:

“It makes me feel terrible man. That's the main event over here, I train three months for that fight. I was ready for that fight. I just lost like 30 pounds for that fight, 15 kilos. I was ready for that fight and I look at my Twitter, Vitor broke his hand. I can't believe it. But it happens, but I'm happy they give me another really good fighter against Franklin. Of course I want to fight with him (Vitor), I was ready to fight with him Saturday, but, there will be a next time.”

“It's a really good fight for me. I need to prove did I beat him in the other fight. I don't know. This time I need to beat him before the fight finishes, I don't want to leave this fight in the judge's hand again. I don't want decision, but if (it goes to decision) it is going to be for me. He is a good fighter. He is southpaw, he's got good punches really good kicks, he is a complete guy. I prepared for a war , I prepared for five rounds and I am ready for those five rounds.”

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