Friday, July 1, 2022

Tim Boestch Suffers Broken Foot In Tangle With Hector Lombard

By Matt Molgaard
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

As if the fight itself didn't leave much to be desired, an injury sustained by Tim Boetsch now leads to more question marks surrounding the UFC's middleweight division. Ideally Tim's Saturday night upset of Hector Lombard would have catapulted him up the ranks and into immediate title contention. However, things don't always play out in ideal fashion.

First, the bout was a mediocre affair that yielded no dominant victor. Although “The Barbarian” exited the cage with a victory, he didn't turn many heads, and to make things even worse for the still unbeaten middleweight, he suffered a broken foot during the melee.

“I wanted to use my kicks to keep him off me and that

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