Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Brian Stann Feels He WIll Surprise Michael Bisping At UFC 152

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

UFC middleweight contenders Brian Stann and Michael Bisping will square off in Toronto at UFC 152 in less than two weeks but this week Stann was a guest on AXS TV's Inside MMA and discussed his upcoming match up with the Bristsh banger:

“There's a great deal of respect. I feel that Mike is not only a good fighter, I feel he's a great fighter, everywhere. The one thing he is underestimating, obviously, is my ability to improve. I haven't been doing this as long as him or some of his peers. That means my learning curve and my ability to get better, quicker, is a little bit longer. I've improved, in a lot of ways, since the fight with our common opponent, Chael Sonnen. I've actually gone out to train with him, several times now, since our fight. A lot of the areas he feels he's stronger than me — I think he'll be quite surprised. I feel like I'm the more devastating striker. I do not feel like he has the advantage there. I also feel like I'm the better wrestler, and he's going to be surprised when he tries to take this one to the mat.”

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