Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Chris Weidman Confused Over Silva Vs. Bonnar

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

UFC Middleweight contender Chris Weidman was a guest on UFC Tonight this week on FUEL TV and expressed frustration with Anderson Silva's decision to fight Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153 after it was made clear to Weidman the UFC Middleweight Champion didn't want a fight until sometime in early 2013.

Weidman had been hoping for a title shot against Silva after impressive showings in his last few fights. He talked about on the show:

“I was a little shocked, confused, disappointed,” Weidman said on Tuesday's new edition of “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV. “I had actually had just ended up getting elbow surgery about a week ago … and the same week I find out Anderson Silva is now fighting Stephan Bonnar in UFC 153. It's tough.”

“He's going to be making a couple million dollars on odds I've never even seen before,” Weidman said. “So it's a smart move for him. All power to him. It's just disappointing for me, and I just need to keep moving forward and hoping for the best.

“… This whole time him and his manager were very dead set on not fighting until 2013. They didn't really give a reason, but they just wanted to wait until 2013. And I thought that was a little fishy that all of the sudden now they pick up a fight like it's no big deal.”

“But this whole time it's being said I'm the No. 1 contender, and nothing's going on with that. They're saying it's not a marketable fight. A guy who's ranked No. 2 in most the polls now wouldn't be a marketable fight for them because I don't have that many fights. But it doesn't matter. I'm the No. 1 contender. He should fight me.

“… I just think I'm a big risk for him on paper. I'm a good wrestler with good jiu-jitsu, which I don't think he's really seen anybody like me with the athleticism I have and my length and everything. I have a lot of tools. On paper, I'm a bad matchup for him. But I think Anderson would like a challenge … but I think his managers more than him are trying to keep him away.”

“The only guy I'm worried about right now is Tim Boetsch on Dec. 29. He's a warrior, a tough guy. I'm excited for that challenge.”

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