Friday, August 12, 2022

Jon Jones Forgives Dana White But Doesn't Expect Apology

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

UFC 152 is just a few short days away and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones hopes to put the UFC 151 mess from earlier this month to bed when he steps in the cage agaisnt Vitor Belfort in Toronto.

Jones was blasted by his boss UFC President Dana White during a conference call announcing the cancellation of the event and although he doesn't expect White to apology for the things that were said about him and his coach Greg Jackson, he does forgive him. He talked about it with and will be meeting with White sometime this week:

“I'm just gonna tell him I forgive him. I have a general intention of what I want to happen and basically it's gonna be based around forgiveness. I'm not expecting him to apologize but I'm moving forward. Dana spoke his mind and ultimately he can't take back what happened and I can't take back what happened. I don't think he wants to and I don't want to. We're just gona be men. We're going to keep this great journey going. We're both ambassadors for the UFC. Us not being on the same page, like I said on SportsCenter, it makes no sense for MMA fans and MMA nation. I want to do great things. Not being known to him as a troublemaker to him will be beneficial for both of us.”

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