Jon Jones Ready To Put UFC 151 Mess Behind Him

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Jon Jones took a lot of heat for the cancellation of UFC 151 from fans, media, and even his own Boss, UFC President Dana White and on the UFC 152 conference call yesterday, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion explained why he is looking forward to putting the issue behind him and sitting down and talking things out with White:

“You know what? I'm over it. I really am. I'm actually getting more and more excited to talk to Dana and get this behind us. The UFC is an awesome brand but in this situation I had to stand up for myself and do what was right. But at the same time, me holding a personal beef against Dana gets me nowhere. He's still my boss at the end of the day and he has every right to express how he feels. He has freedom of speech. I said some things about the way I feel about how Dana handled the situation. I also think the fans are kind of using their minds a little bit and realizing it truly wasn't my fault. That I'm not a UFC executive. Dan Henderson got hurt, that's what happened. They asked me to put my livelihood on the line, to put my belt on the line. I turned it down like many smart champions would have done. Think about it: Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. If Pacquiao gets hurt, you think he would fight [Miguel] Cotto last minute? No. No one would've done it. No one. And the guys who say they would've done it? They're not me, I guess. But anyways, I'm over it. I'm ready to move forward with Dana. I think me and Dana being on the same team — me being on the same team as the UFC and not being one of these nemesis-type athletes — is going to get us very far. Me as an individual athlete and the UFC in having a mainstream athlete, a guy that's trying to break down walls to mainstream America. I can't do that having a problem with the UFC. So I'm totally over it, ready to talk to Dana and get past this.”


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