Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Gracie: If GSP Won't Fight Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz Will

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

With Georges St. Pierre not showing as much interest in a possible fight with Anderson Silva as the UFC brass may like, that doesn't mean other big name fighters aren't looking for a shot at the long time UFC Middleweight Champion.

Nick Diaz, who is sitting out on suspension, has also been jockeying for a shot at St. Pierre's welterweight title but if that fight can't happen, his coach Cesar Gracie tells MMAFighting.com that Diaz is open to fighting Silva as well:

“We're pushing for the GSP fight. That's what we're going to push for, GSP or Anderson Silva. That's the two fights that interest us the most, and that's the one's we're going for.

“[Silva's] people are into it. We're into it. The fans, I think, would be into it. We've got convince Dana [White] about it now. Obviously the fight that makes sense to them, and I don't disagree, is Anderson-GSP, and like I said, I would watch that fight. That would be great to watch. But let's get real. If GSP just absolutely says no, then what? You can't make a guy fight. That's the thing. And Anderson, if they want to promote a superfight and if the stars align, I think Nick would be into it.”

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