Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Fedor Video Collection, Stephen Quadros Interview, Tim Sylvia is proud to finally release the archived footage of Fedor Emelianenko before and after his fight in July 2008 when he fought Tim Sylvia. Listen to interviews the day before the fight, and the day after. Watch video of The Last Emperor sign autographs and pose for photos and witness footage of Fedor backstage, just after his fight against Tim Sylvia.

The website has a video blog from the website's stuntman known as Dale from Rejected. Dale brings up many good pints and his opinion is worth listening too. When he is isn't lighting himself on fire or drinking floor cleaner, he watches MMA.

Also, available on the website is an interview with former Pride commentator Stephen Quadros and he talks about the pride days, Affliction while it was promoting MMA, his fond love of pro wrestling, what's the greatest MMA match he's ever seen and much more.

You can watch these 4 exclusive Fedor clips, Dale's video blog, the Stephen Quadros interview and tons of stunt and prank footage only at

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