Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Gilbert Melendez Says He's Going To Kill Benson Henderson

By Chris Howie
MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer

Gilbert Melendez get his shot at the UFC Lightweight title this weekend when he steps into the Octagon against current Champ Benson Henderson and spoke about the bout this week.

Melendez explained his plans and bad intentions for Henderson in an interview with

“No matter what, there's heat,” he said. “I respect Benson. He's the No. 1 guy right now. He's the UFC champ. But come fight day, I'm going to try to kill him. I have bad intentions, and it is personal. I don't need to be mad at someone. I'm a professional, and I know how to turn on the switch and turn it on and off when I need to. Some people turn it on a month out. I turn it on right when it's time. It's going to be heated. It's going to be personal. It's just how I fight

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