Dana White Says Vitor Belfort Isn’t Banned From Las Vegas

Vitor Belfort openly admits that he is a recipient of TRT, which for some is fine but due to Belfort’s past failed drug tests for performance enhancing drugs it has been an issue in the media.

Belfort has fought in Brazil for 3 of his last 4 fights, the other in Canada. Many have speculated that the reason for this is because Belfort is unable to fight in Las Vegas due to his TRT use.

Dana White clarified things this week:

“They say [Vitor] can’t fight here because of the TRT thing and that is complete bullshit. Vitor Belfort can fight here, he can fight in Vegas, he can fight in any of these places. Whether they give him TRT or they don’t. It’s not a given that he has to give up the treatment in Vegas. The guy has been busted before. He’s had some issues and he’s going to have to go before the athletic commission and they would decide what they are going to do.”

“That doesn’t mean that he can’t fight in Vegas or that Vitor Belfort is banned from Vegas and something crazy is going to happen. Or that we’re hiding him in Brazil because he’s on TRT. That is stupid, stupid Internet shit. Vitor Belfort is a big draw in Brazil so he fights in Brazil. Same thing with Aldo and a lot of these other Brazilian champions. If any of you have ever been to Brazil, Brazilians want to see Brazilians kick other people’s asses, not other Brazilian’s asses.”