Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Georges St. Pierre, Not Jon Jones Likely Earned $5,000,000 For Single Fight

Although both of Jon Jones brothers are in the NFL and make roughly $2,000,000 per season, one of the brothers has gone on record to say that the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion makes more money than both of them combined. UFC President Dana White confirmed the report this week giving his two cents on the topic:

“Damn right he is,” said White. “Why would he say it if it wasn’t true? You got all the idiots that say our fighters don’t make any money and all this other stuff. They make lot’s of money; it’s just nobody’s business how much money they make.”

Just last week during a Google Hangout, White confirmed that one UFC fighter has earned over 5,000,000 for a single fight in the Octagon, and it wasn’t Brock Lesnar or Jon Jones. The likely recipient for the huge payday is UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre who has been the companies biggest PPV draw for quite some time and continues to rack up the buys for his fights.

White didn’t announce the name for sure but when asked during the session if the earner was still fighting, White confirmed that was true. Based on today’s roster, no fighter has pulled in PPV buys like St. Pierre.

Who is your guess?

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