Wednesday, July 6, 2022

TJ Grant Unable To Fight Anthony Pettis, Josh Thomson Steps In

An injury forced TJ Grant out of a title opportunity against Benson Henderson which would pave the way for Anthony Pettis to step in and win the lightweight championship for himself. Grant was guaranteed the next shot against Pettis in December but instead has decided that the timing for the bout doesn’t work with his rehab. Grant posted the following message via his Twitter account:

“Hey people. Quick update. Unfortunately I won’t be fighting Pettis on dec 14. I am still not yet 100% n can’t commit to fight. UFC is going With someone else instead. It sucks but it is the best for both myself and the UFC. Please don’t worry. Ill be back and if I gotta fight Someone else to get back to where I wanna be then that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m not bitter. Thanks”

In the meantime, the UFC has announced that Josh Thomson will step in and face Pettis. Expect this one to have a hot lead up as both fighters were at each others throats prior to Pettis being awarded the title shot against Henderson.

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