Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Gustafsson On Jones: Just Sign The Agreement

Alexander Gustafsson is itching for a confirmation on when he will rematch Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and after news broke this week that there could be a delay due to Jones’ contract negotiations, Gustafsson gave his thoughts on the hold up:

“That’s something you sign every fight, and it’s part of the job,” Gustafsson said. “You get a fight opportunity, and you agree on it, and then you sign a bout agreement. No less. It’s a very easy thing to do.

“I don’t know about any of that (with Jones’ negotiations). For me, the UFC is my job. I can live my dream, so for me, it’s not even a question. But that’s just me.”

“I would rather fight, of course, in Sweden, which is my backyard,” Gustafsson said. “But if the fight is not happening there, I would rather it be in Las Vegas.

“I’m not even thinking about how he thinks or what he does. For me, it’s just, sign that bout agreement. Let’s go.”

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