Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Anderson Silva Interview: Fighting Nick Diaz, Chris Weidman Rematch

During a recent media event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, former UFC Welterweight Champion Anderson Silva commented on the possibility of fighting Nick Diaz – and said a rematch against Chris Weidman is “something that is not in my plans.”

Silva confirmed that he’s “not feeling safe to return” this year, but plans to return to the octagon in 2015. Regarding a possible showdown with Diaz, the Spider said:

“Well, if everybody is saying that it would be an interesting fight, what am I going to say? It could be an interesting fight.”

After his infamous broken leg against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, Silva he started sparring again on June 20th and felt stronger than he expected to.

“(My left shin) is stronger than the other one, way stronger than the other one,’ he said. “I’m training, and it’s helping me a lot in training. But I’m a little insecure about my movements, so I’m just kicking from the waist up [laughs].”

As for another rematch against Weidman, Silva said he’s not interested.

“Rematch with Chris Weidman is something that is not in my plans. He already defeated me twice, everybody saw this,” he said. “Lyoto (Machida) has an opportunity to fight him, we also have ‘Jacare’ (Souza), who’s coming and looking for his way. Let’s root for them to get their space in the UFC and get their shot at the title, win it, become great champions and bring big wins for Brazil.”

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