Monday, October 18, 2021

Urijah Faber Reveals Full Contact Skydiving Is Fake

Last week, UFC fighter Urijah Faber introduced Full Contact Skydiving (FCS):

“A unique, sky-based self-defense art that teaches practitioners to engage in free-fall combat with minimal overexertion through a higher understanding of physics, balance manipulation, and gravity’s effect on the human anatomy.”

After getting a ton of viral buzz and over 1.2 million views for the FCS Youtube video, Faber came clean and revealed that it was all a publicity stunt by AMP Energy (one of his sponsors) and Full Contact Skydiving is not a legitimate sport.

“Full-Contact Skydiving, they brought me in as a coach. But unfortunately, I won’t get to see those guys go onto huge glory because it was all AMP Energy’s idea,” Faber told News10. “But it was a viral video. It got picked up by all sorts of media sources, but it is not actually a sport.”

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