Saturday, August 20, 2022

A Blessing or a Curse…

A UFC title shot is the goal of every mixed martial artist. From the aspiring amateur, to top ten world ranked fighters, the chance to hold a UFC belt drives mostly all MMA combatants. Alexander Gustafsson had this opportunity once, felt he did enough to obtain the strap (as many fans and analysts have agreed), but fell short in the eyes of the judges. He was ready and eager to take advantage of his second crack at UFC LHW king, Jon Jones, but was sadly forced out of his rematch due to injury. As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The injury to Goose has enabled Daniel Cormier to get HIS shot at UFC gold a little earlier than expected. This is the day DC has been waiting for…but is this particular chance a blessing or a curse?

Ever the warrior, Cormier has decided to forego the knee surgery to repair the LCL injury he sustained which was going to force him out of action for several months. He has stated that he is “good to go” but one must wonder how true that is. DC wants the belt, and truth be told, I believe he wants to specifically beat Jones to get it. There is no love lost between these two competitors, and when word first came down of the replacement in the fight by DC, Jones jumped to his second favorite forum to fight…Twitter, immediately. Sending a private message to Cormier stating “I hope you’re ready to come to daddy”, Jones launched the expected war or words as soon as he was able.

Cormier is not much for media mud-slinging. He prefers to do his talking in the cage, and will be looking forward to “converse” with Jones in his favorite arena of discussion. However, will DC’s eagerness to both quiet Jones and take the belt, fighting with a legitimate injury, cost him chance at the title? Jones is a fighter who, to put it loosely, can blur the lines between legal and ethical. Never one to shy away from an arm crank or kick to the knee, Jones expertly uses techniques that can be frowned upon by some, while still within the written rules of the sport. A betting man could wager heavily on Jones looking to exploit any ailments of his opponents, and beating Jones when fully healthy has proven to be all but impossible. Cormier deserves his shot, and might very well be the man to dethrone the current LHW king…but his willingness to take this fight before he is at 100% could prove to be his undoing. Only time, in the Octagon, will tell.

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