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Chael Sonnen Waives Right To NSAC Hearing, Accepts Responsibility For Test Failures

Former UFC title contender and FOX analyst Chael Sonnen has taken responsibility for his recent drug test failures and announced that he will not appeal the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s complaint against him.

Through his lawyer, Sonnen wrote the Nevada Attorney General’s office and informed them that he “does not dispute any of the factual allegations” in an amended complaint filed in June and “accepts responsibility for his actions and will comply with the commission in the prompt resolution of this matter.”

Sonnen also waived his right to a hearing, but claimed that he would appear if requested.

Below is Sonnen’s full response to the NSAC, via the letter his attorney sent on his behalf this week:

July 8, 2014

Mr. Christopher Eccles, Esq.
Deputy Attorney General
State of Nevada
555 East Washington Ave., Ste. 3900
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Mr. Robert Bennett
Executive Director
Nevada State Athletic Commission
555 East Washington Ave., Ste. 3200
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Re: Before the Nevada State Athletic Commission
In re: Chael P. Sonnen
First Amended Complaint for Disciplinary Action (dated June 26, 2014)

Dear Mr. Eccles and Mr. Bennett:

This letter is submitted on behalf of, and at the direction of, Chael P. Sonnen and will serve as his formal response to the First Amended Complaint pursuant to NAC 467.924.

Mr. Sonnen does not dispute any of the factual allegations contained in the First Amended complaint. Mr. Sonnen accepts responsibility for his actions and will comply with the Commission in the prompt resolution of this matter. Mr. Sonnen waives his right to a hearing. However, if this Commission deems it necessary to schedule a hearing, Mr. Sonnen will personally appear, with counsel, to receive any discipline that the Commission deems necessary and appropriate.

With regard to any discipline assessed by this Commission, Mr. Sonnen respectfully requests that the Commission consider the following: 1) Mr. Sonnen fully cooperated with this Commission’s testing procedures; 2) When presented with the results of the testing, Mr. Snonen was honest with Mr. Bennett; 3) Mr. Sonnen did not compete while on the banned substances mentioned in the First Amended Complaint; 4) Because of his actions, Mr. Sonnen’s relationship with the UFC has been terminated; 5) Because of his actions, Mr. Sonnen’s relationship with FOX Network has been terminated; 6) Because of his actions, Mr. Sonnen no longer has any endorsement relationships.

Thank you for your continued courtesy and cooperation. Mr. Sonnen looks forward to resolving this matter at the earliest opportunity.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jefferson G. Meyer (Attorney for Chael P. Sonnen) and Chael P. Sonnen

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