Saturday, August 20, 2022

GSP: Options, Options, Options

As NBA fans anxiously wait for the announcement of where free agents Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony will land, the MMA community quietly holds its breath to hear the Friday announcement from Georges St. Pierre regarding his future in MMA. A recent photo of GSP has shown that he has not been sitting idly by during his UFC hiatus. In fact, he looks as though he has bulked up bigger than he has ever been, specifically in his upper body. Fans are hopeful this means he has resumed, or continued, training and is ready to announce his return to the octagon. With this information reportedly being released around 9 AM on July 11th, there are a variety of options for the former Welterweight king to pursue.

The hopeful choice for many, is a return to the UFC Welterweight ranks. A rematch with now-champ Johnny Hendricks would be one of the most anticipated and marketable match-ups the UFC could book for this year. The UFC brass would be more than willing to sign that title fight as soon as possible, and GSP would have the chance to reclaim the belt that he never, officially, lost. Ring rust would be a concern for GSP, but it would be doubtful to see him placed in a “warm up” or title contender bout, considering his history and stature with the organization.

Playing off the visible change in his physique, another option could be GSP returning, but entering the mix in the 185 lb. division. Champ Chris Weidman is just coming off an impressive decision victory over Lyoto Machida, but will likely be out the rest of the calendar years due to injuries. This will leave a considerable hole the UFC will need to fill for future events. If Anderson Silva is able to return, and GSP comes back at 185, that could set up quite a few interesting, and sellable, fights for the Middleweight division while the champ recovers. UFC fans might even have a long shot chance at seeing the Superfight we were promised so many times, but one can only hope.

The other likely, yet not nearly as enjoyable, option for Georges, is he announcing his official retirement from the sport. It is well known that GSP has desires for continued participation in Hollywood, and did an admirable job in one of 2014’s highest grossing films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. His increased size could merely be his dedication to staying in shape for future potential roles, and his announcement has the ability to break the hearts of MMA fans the world over. We can hope he we chooses to return to the UFC, but only time will tell which option he selects.

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