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UFC On FOX 12 Results – Lawler Decisions Brown, Johnson KOs Nogueira


Josh Thomson (20-6) vs. Bobby Green (22-5)

Round 1: Both guys touch gloves to start off the opening round. Thomson goes to work on Green early with multiple leg kicks. Thomson slips throwing a punch and Green tries to capitalize, however Thomson returns to his feet and avoids any punishment. Both guys exchange a combination of punches, with Thomson landing the cleaner shots. Green is pressing forward for most of the round, however he isn’t landing much and Thomson is picking him apart, mostly with leg kicks. Thomson goes upstairs for a head kick, but Green blocks it. Thomson takes a bad poke to the eye that stops the action momentarily. We see some replays of the poke and then Herb Dean re-starts the fight. Green continues to press forward, keeping Thomson on his heels, but he isn’t landing anything of significance. Thomson goes for a trip-takedown, but Green defends it. Green lands a nice inside leg kick. Green gets some fluidity going near the end of the round, mixing leg kicks and jabs with good foot work. The buzzer sounds to end the first round. scores the round 10-9 for Josh Thomson.

Round 2: The second round begins with Green again taking the center of the Octagon and pushing Thomson back. Green lands a nice body kick to Thomson. Green can be over-heard responding verbally to his corner’s demands, as he continues to press the action to the number three ranked lightweight contender. Both guys fire off some punches in close, neither landing anything of note. Thomson starts landing some good shots, but Green down-plays it, talking trash to Thomson after they land. Green lands a solid leg kick. The two start smiling and joking with each other as Thomson beautifully dodges Green’s punching attempts with slick head-movement. Green partially lands a body kick and follows up with a straight right hand. Strike stats show Green landing more than his opponent thus far in the second round. 90 seconds remain. Green continues to talk to Thomson as the two fight. Green lands a nice right, followed by a left over the top of Thomson’s guard. Thomson gets a trip-takedown and puts Green on the mat. Green scrambles back to his feet and quickly escapes Thomson’s grasp. Thomson lands a nice combo with his hands to the body and head of Green. Thomson lands a nice low leg kick. The round ends with Thomson partially landing a right hand. scores the round 10-9 for Josh Thomson.

Round 3: Thomson fires up the crowd as the third and final round begins. has the bout 2-0 for Thomson thus far, so Green needs something big here if he wants to pull off a decision. The crowd begins chanting “Thomson, Thomson!” Green lands a nice body shot. Thomson just misses a spinning back-fist. Joe Rogan points out that this is a close fight, depending on how you score and what you’re looking for as a judge. Green and Thomson are clinched against the cage now, as Green lands a knee to the body of the former Strikeforce lightweight champion. Green continues to press the action, but Thomson gets his hands on Green and is looking for a takedown. Green gets out of there and the two return to the center of the Octagon. Thomson lands another low leg kick. Green misses a few jabs, but uses them to size Thomson up and land a nice body kick. Thomson answers back with a leg kick. Thomson lands a nice right hook and follows it up with a left hand. Green answers back with a solid punch that finds the mark. Thomson has a little cut near his eye. Green takes Thomson down but Thomson pops right back up and starts throwing hammer fists to the side of Green’s head. The blood is now running down the right eye of Thomson as we reach 90 seconds left in the final round. Thomson catches a kick attempt by Green and tries to throw a punch over the top, but Green avoids it and spins back to the center of the Octagon. Green pressing the action again as the crowd starts to make some noise. We have 30 seconds left as the San Jose fans begin rallying behind their man. Thomson responds and is firing up a bit on offense. Thomson has another cut on his cheek that is trickling down blood a bit. The fight ends with Thomson attempting a high kick and some punches. Yet another decision here in San Jose. scores the round 10-9 for Bobby Green.

Bobby Green def. Josh Thomson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after three rounds.

Clay Guida (31-14) vs. Dennis Bermudez (13-3)

Round 1: These two come out with a ton of energy, exactly as you’d expect. Guida swings wildly, with his hair flying all over the place and the San Jose fans chanting “Guida, Guida!” Bermudez is using foot work and trying to circle and pick his shots. Guida lands a crazy right hook, catching Bermudez over the right shoulder and landing right on the button. Guida works on a single leg takedown, but Bermudez defends it well. Thw two end up clinched against the fence. Bermudez lands a few good knees during the clinch, however they separate and now Guida starts circling on the outside. Bermudez charges in with some nice punches. Nice head kick attempt by Bermudez. Bermudez is pushing forward, landing some very nice clean shots. In a wild scramble, Guida ends up on Bermudez’s back standing, however Bermudez shakes him off and lands a nice knee to the face of Guida. Guida’s right eye is now bleeding. 90 seconds remain as Bermudez stays on Guida and lands a nice punch and follows it up with several big knees. Bermudez yanks Guida down to the ground and takes his back. Bermudez is dominating the fight at this point. Bermudez is looking for a rear-naked choke. He doesn’t have it under the chin of Guida, so Guida eventually escapes. Bermudez is looking for it again as both guys are sitting up now. 10 seconds left and we get a close-up shot of a bloody Guida smiling. The round ends on that note. scores the round 10-9 for Dennis Bermudez.

Round 2: Between rounds in the Guida corner, we hear “The Carpenter” let out a loud burb. How can you not love Clay Guida? We see some replays of the hard knees from Bermudez that busted up Guida’s face. Round two is now officially underway. The fans immediately start up with the “Guida” chants as Bermudez goes to work with leg kicks. Guida lands a nice right hand. Bermudez pushes Guida against the fence but Guida turns him and grabs a leg, looking for a takedown. Bermudez defends it and escapes and takes the center of the Octagon again. Both guys land some good jobs, however Bermudez finishes with a solid leg kick. Bermudez pops Guida’s head back with a stiff jab and then follows up with a couple of nice leg kicks. Three minutes left in the second round. Guida lands a very nice overhand right out of the blue. Bermudez answers back with a nice right hand of his own. Bermudez takes Guida down and is quickly looking to take his back. Bermudez is looking for the rear-naked choke. He’s got it. Guida taps.

Dennis Bermudez def. Clay Guida via submission (rear-naked choke) in Round 2.

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