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UFC On FOX 12 Results – Lawler Decisions Brown, Johnson KOs Nogueira

Anthony Johnson (17-4) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (21-5)

Round 1: Round one begins with both guys rushing to the center of the Octagon. Within seconds, Johnson tags Nogueira with a nice right hand. Lil Nog backs up against the fence after eating another shot from “Rumble.” Johnson starts blasting Lil Nog with vicious uppercuts. Nogueira is out on his feet. The only thing keeping Lil Nog up right now is the beast-like uppercuts from Johnson. Nogueira finally slumps to the mat and Johnson is the winner by vicious first-round knockout. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson continues to make a huge statement in the UFC 205-pound decision since returning to the promotion earlier this year.

Anthony Johnson KOs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at 0:44 of Round 1.

Robbie Lawler (23-10, 1 NC) vs. Matt Brown (19-11)

Round 1: Round one of our main event begins with both guys touching gloves. Lawler looks loose on his feet, Brown looks tentative. Lawler tags Brown with a few shots. Lawler looks smooth, landing nice, clean shots with ease thus far. The announcers remind everyone that Brown usually takes some punishment before getting going. Brown lands a huge shot that momentarily stumbles Lawler. Lawler recovers and answers with a left that stuns Brown briefly. Both guys clinch and each lands a nice shot. Brown takes Lawler down off of another clinch. The two scramble back up to their feet. Brown seems to be cut somewhere, as he has a little bit of blood on his face near his forehead. The two are clinched against the cage now with just under two minutes left in the first. Lawler lands a nice elbow. Brown lands a nice elbow from inside the clinch to the face of Lawler. And another. One minute left. Lawler lands a nice shot, followed by a nice knee. Brown was hurt briefly. Lawler lands a nice body kick. Lawler side-steps a high kick attempt by Brown as the buzzer sounds. Great first round. scores the round 10-9 for Robbie Lawler.

Round 2: The second round begins with Lawler taking the center of the Octagon. Brown is lunging in with various kicks and punches, none of which really find the mark. Both guys share the center of the cage now as Lawler begins pushing forward. Nothing happens and then Brown gets Lawler to back up. Brown lands a nice body kick to Lawler. Brown dives for a single leg and gets it. Lawler pops right back up, but Brown takes him right back down. Lawler is up again and he circles out. Lawler lands a nice left hook as Brown ducks to the right, falling right into Lawler’s punch. Two minutes left in the second round. Brown misses a lunging hook and eats a hook-response from Lawler. Brown lands a decent spinning back-kick to the body. Brown lands a nice leg kick. 90 seconds remains. Brown lands a nice stiff right hand. The two clinch and Brown lands a tight, short elbow. Brown chases Lawler around the Octagon and catches him with a big kick to the body. 30 seconds left in the round. Lawler lands a decent left hand. Nice leg kick by Brown answered back by a strong body kick to the body by Lawler. And another. The buzzer sounds on that note. scores the round 10-9 for Matt Brown.

Round 3: “Big” John McCarthy starts the third round and Brown immediately shoots in for a takedown. Lawler lands an elbow in the clinch that cuts Brown around his right eye. The two break away from the clinch and now Lawler lands a huge punch the backs Brown up. Lawler goes for a high kick, but Brown blocks it. Joe Rogan points out how painful catching a high kick on the forearm is as Lawler throws another kick up top. Lawler lands a huge kick to the body that backs Brown up. As Brown backs up in pain, the referee stops the action and calls it a low blow. A replay shows that the kick wasn’t low at all and that Lawler simply hurt Brown with a mean body kick. Brown got away with that one. Lawler lands another body kick shortly after the action resumes. Brown wings a big right hand but Lawler avoids it. Brown lands a nice body kick to Lawler, but Lawler eats it. Brown throws a left hook that misses the mark and then looks up at the clock. There is 30 seconds remaining here in the third round. Brown partially blocks a high kick attempt by Lawler. Lawler got some of that one. The third round ends with Brown landing a little right hand. scores the round 10-9 for Robbie Lawler.

Round 4: The first of two championship (or in this case, main event) rounds begins with Lawler storming out and taking Brown down. Lawler is in Brown’s half guard now and is looking to hammer away. Joe Rogan reminds everyone at home that Brown is pretty crafty off of his back with his submissions. I don’t recall Brown pulling off too many submissions from underneath, but we’ll see what happens. Lawler is looking to pass to side control, but Brown holds onto Lawler with a half-guillotine attempt. Brown lets it go and the two hit the cage. Brown immediately tries to wall-walk his way up to his feet, but Lawler keeps him down. Brown finally forces his way back to his feet, but Lawler scoops him up and atomic drops him back down on his butt. Seconds later, the two scramble back to their feet and separate. The blood is starting to flow out of Brown’s right eye again from a cut that was opened up in an earlier round. Both guys trade low kicks. Lawler lands a nice right hand. 90 seconds are left in the fourth round. Lawler is stalking Brown now, pushing forward as Brown backs up and circles. Lawler lands a decent punch. Brown lands an inside leg kick and follows up with another regular low kick. Brown fires off a body kick but Lawler blocks it with his arms. The round ends seconds later. scores the round 10-9 for Robbie Lawler.

Round 5: Here we go with the fifth and final round. The corner of Brown made it clear that he needs something big. Both guys come out swinging like they have something to prove. Both guys land some nice shots. Lawler lands a few good punches. Brown lands a nice elbow over the top. Lawler answers back with a nice punch. Brown lands a nice kick-punch combo. Lawler lands a couple of nice jabs. The crowd is really coming alive in this final round. Brown lands a nice knee to the body of Lawler. Brown lands a decent body kick. Lawler partially lands a huge kick, but Brown gets his arms up to block the majority of the blow. Brown’s face is bloodied up from damage he took earlier. Brown comes on strong but ends up shaking his hand. Brown looks to have injured his right hand. Lawler seems to notice this. Lawler hurts Brown pretty bad with a kick to the body. Brown backs up to the cage in pain and Lawler charges in. Brown lands a nice right hand even though it may be injured and Lawler might be hurt now. Slip by Lawler and now we’re getting into a mean little fight, folks! 90 seconds remain as both of these guys are determined to close the show. The crowd is truly coming alive in San Jose as both guys push forward, dig deep and try to close out the show in style. Lawler lands another mean kick to the body of Brown. Brown comes in swinging wildly but lands nothing, Lawler lands a nice punch. Brown dives in for a takedown but Lawler avoids it and blasts him with a big kick. The buzzer sounds and the crowd goes wild. Great fight and an especially good little fifth round. scores the round 10-9 for Robbie Lawler.

Robbie Lawler def. Matt Brown via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) after five rounds.

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