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VIDEO: Jones Threatens To Literally Kill Cormier After ESPN Interview

UPDATE: The video has since been removed from YouTube. You can still check it out, however, at

After an already heated ESPN interview, things got even more heated between UFC 178 headliners Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.

The video, which was quickly removed from Youtube, showed a vicious verbal exchange the two had after the cameras stopped rolling for their “SportsCenter” interview, an exchange that leads to Jones threatening to literally kill Cormier after the number two ranked Light Heavyweight claimed he wished he could spit in “Bones'” face.

When the televised ESPN interview ended, Jones asked Cormier, “Hey pussy, are you still there?” Cormier says he is, and marvels at Jones’ ability to “turn it on” for the cameras and act like a normal person, when he knows how truly fake and horrible Jones really is. Then, business picks up.

Cormier: You are the fucking scum of the earth, you are a terrible human being, but you can sure turn it on, huh?

Jones: Thank you.

Cormier: Gaahh, fuck. I wish they would let me next door so I can spit in your fucking face.

Jones: [long pause] You know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that, right?

Cormier: You could never kill me.

Jones: Oh, I bet you I could.

Cormier: Then you should try, Jon. You really should try, Jon.

Jones: I will literally kill you if you spit in my face.

Cormier: Yeah, let’s try that, Jon.

Jones: Lit-terally kill you.

Cormier: Let’s try that, Jon.

Jones:  I’m not saying I would fight you. I said I would kill you if you do some silly shit like that.

Cormier: So Jon, do you think I’m just going to sit there and let you kill me, Jon? I mean really.

UFC 178 takes place on September 27, 2014 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Make sure to visit that evening for the absolute best UFC 178 live results coverage on the web!

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