Friday, May 20, 2022

Connor McGregor The Floyd Mayweather of MMA?

Connor McGregor is a star in the making…wait, scratch that, Connor McGregor is a STAR!

Last night at UFC 178 – McGregor would either chew on his own hype or back up every word! McGregor showed his believers and naysayers that he is simply legit.

Now is McGregor a seer of the future? No…but he did make a statement and backed it up, that statement being he would finish Dustin Poirier via -TKO/KO in the first round.

Connor McGregor is white hot at the moment and on a roll. McGregor is good for MMA and UFC as a whole. But can he raise his popularity to the ranks of Mayweather in Boxing?

Mayweather – is – Boxing, the PPV King and the current highest paid athlete due to his contract with Showtime/CBS sports.

Mayweather has garnered a fan base and haters with his flashy lifestyle…oh yeah and his undefeated record of 47-0.

Connor McGregor shares similar characteristics with Mayweather. Both have high confidence in themselves, love the money and are fluent when it comes to promoting their own fight.

Connor McGregor has a whole country behind him – his home land of Ireland. But can he create a strong fan base in the states.

Mayweather is captivating and no matter how many times you watch him fight and – or on Showtimes All Access – you stay tuned because you’re intrigued…no matter the outcome. Connor McGregor has that same charisma, style and appeal to generate mainstream media and the attention of casual fans.

McGregor’s current win set’s himself up for a title shot(Jose Aldo) or an elimination fight for contention, against the winner of Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson. Both scenarios are perfect for McGregor and with a successful outcome – he can set himself up for superstardom. There is no doubt that McGregor can promote himself, now it’s UFC’s job to put him on a platform to garner more attention.

Although PPV is perfect, having McGregor on a prime-time Fox card during the football season is even greater – especially for the title. This would allow McGregor to introduce himself to new eyes.

Can McGregor reach the level of Mayweather, or even a Brock Lesnar? Yes this is very possible – but there is a formula that has to be followed: compelling match-ups, strength in fight card and McGregor continuing to win in devastating fashion.

We will see what the future holds!

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