Friday, September 30, 2022

Dana White Talks UFC Re-Signing Thiago Silva, Ray Rice Situation

The following are highlights of a new FOX Sports 1 interview with UFC President Dana White. You can watch the full video interview above.

On the Thiago Silva and Ray Rice situations and how they are different:

“If you believe in the legal process, they came, they arrested him, and he wasn’t brought up on any charges. I know a lot more of the [Silva] situation and what went on. You take his side of the story, her side of the story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But he went through the process and he wasn’t charged with anything.”

“Obviously if some tape surfaced like in [the Ray Rice case], but the police have already investigated this entire thing, and they let the guy go. When I said that, there was a SWAT team around his house and he had allegedly done these things. It wasn’t looking good for him at the time. He went through the process and he came away with no charges. You’ve got to bring the guy back. When you’re dealing with human beings, guys are going to test positive for all different kinds of drugs, guys are going to do stupid things, guys are going to say stupid things on social media, there’s going to be all these things that happen. We have a track record of getting rid of many people that have done bad things, and we’ve been human beings in letting other guys make up for things and come back. There’s one thing you never bounce back from, and that’s putting your hands on a woman. It’s been that way in the UFC since we started here. You don’t bounce back from putting your hands on a woman.”

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