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Eddie Alvarez’s Path To UFC Glory

Something’s are inevitable, something’s are simply meant to be. There may be a few detractors, struggles and a ton of set-backs – but as long as you continue to fight – you can reach any goal!

This was the case for Eddie Alvarez. For years Eddie Alvarez produced extraordinary performances but was always questioned of how he would fair against top-of-the echelon talent UFC had to offer.

Eddie Alvarez began to ponder the same question as well and was looking to take his talents to the UFC.

Although Alvarez lost his Bellator Lightweight Title to – Michael Chandler at Bellator 58, he felt there was nothing else to prove in this organization.

Bellator (on-paper) only had three legit top performers in the lightweight division – Chandler, Will Brooks and of course Alvarez. Compared to UFC’s dense lightweight roster, Bellator’s offerings seemed very shallow for possibility of exciting match-ups.

After defeating Patricky Freire and fulfilling his contract obligations, Eddie Alvarez evaluated his situation with his management and concluded UFC had the best offer. Eddie Alvarez agreed to the terms of the contract and was ready to finally fight for the UFC…until Bellator stepped in!

The terms of the contract were eventually revealed when Bellator, “claimed” to match UFC’s offer.

The language of both contracts indicated that Eddie Alvarez would receive a percentage of revenue garnered from PPV buys.

Eddie argued that this was not a direct match due to the fact Bellator never produced a PPV…a successful one at that!

Bellator and Eddie Alvarez then engaged in a legal battle – that shelved Alvarez for close to a year, shortening his career lifespan.

Eddie Alvarez eventually closed a deal with Bellator under new contract terms so he can become active once more!

It was now time for Chandler vs Alvarez 2, as Bjorn Rebney hoped to strike another ‘fight of the year candidate!’

The fight would take place at Bellator 106 on LIVE TV via Spike.

Alvarez would pull out a close split decision victory in another back and forth fight. After this win, it was highly rumored that Alvarez had one last bout on his new contract, which was set as a ‘rubber match’ with Chandler.

Alvarez would suffer a concussion leading to this third bout, which was set to take place on Bellator’s inaugural PPV. Stepping in for Alvarez would be Will Brooks – Season 9 Lightweight Tournament Winner.

Brooks would upset Chandler in a split decision victory. It seemed destined and only right for Brooks to now unify the lightweight title’s by facing Alvarez…but Bjorn pressed for the rubber match to occur.

But neither of these bouts would come to light, Bjorn Rebney would soon be relieved of his duties as Bellator President!

This seemed inevitable, it was rumored that Rebney’s tournament format was no longer a priority or vision Viacom (Parent Company of Bellator and Spike) were interested in. Not only that but Bjorn’s shady ethics and “empty promises” left majority of the roster sour with his managerial skills.

In his place would be Scott Coker, who coincidentally ended his contract obligations with UFC – after UFC purchased StrikeForce in 2013.

Alvarez’s future seemed to have no set direction – until August 19, 2014 when Scott Coker and Co – came to terms with Alvarez for his release.

Alvarez was now a free agent. Scott Coker and his team wanted to repair the companies reputation that had been bruised due to Rebney’s decision making.

The same day Alvarez was released, was the same day he signed with the UFC and set to fight Donald Cerrone – September 27, 2014 at UFC 178.

Alvarez being in the UFC was meant to be and now arguably the most stacked division in UFC has become even deeper!

Alvarez will now have the potential to fulfill his goal of being the greatest lightweight in MMA history. Alvarez will do so by taking on the elite fighters the UFC has to offer.

Alvarez must get passed Cerrone first to even consider title contention. Cerrone is no push over and has a fighting style very similar to Alvarez’s – as both are very experienced strikers.

This fight is not one to miss and defiantly has the potential to pull out a – fight of the year performance!

Eddie Alvarez set a goal, continued to fight – once the dust was settled Eddie now has a chance to cement his legacy in the UFC!

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