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Canadian Fighters To Watch: Ryan Dickson

There is always something to be said about a fighter whose path is absolutely untouchable. The road which is paved towards a mountain top of gold and championships. There are dreams and then there are goals—and Ryan Dickson has both. The reason why profiling him is important is because grit and determination doesn’t come often, or at least often enough in the style that he offers his fans and audience members alike. Hailing from Burlington Ontario, Ryan’s home gym is highly established Joslin’s MMA a facility which is considered one of the best place in Canada for martial arts training. His main coach and confidant is owner Jeff Joslin who he speaks very highly of : “Jeff Joslin is my main and best teacher. Hes like my older brother i never had. He has shown me ALOT of things, but the main thing is he helped me with the outlook on training I have now. We both don’t focus on gameplans or anything, we mainly always seek to improve our skills in all areas so no matter where the fight goes I’m able to handle it.”


Ryan Dickson
Credit: and Jacob Bos



I personally met Ryan about a year ago, during my (very) brief spell with Brazilian Jiu Jistu; I attended his afternoon class anxiously awaiting my new found entry into the grappling game. Lucky for me, Tapout Burlington (one of the facilities he teaches in) was anything by terrifying and Ryan’s class also added to that comfort–unfortunately my spell with the art came to an end quickly as my personal neck injury began to get worse. But I still, to this day almost a year after I took his class remember some of the key entry points on how to lock and improve my rear-naked choke. What does that tell you? His intimacy with technique and perfection. His love for BJJ was extended to greatness over the last two years during his feat at the IBJJF World Championships which has taken him into a record of 4-1 extending him to the quarter-finals where he  finally left the tournament being ranked in the top 8 in the world. He currently holds his purple belt.

“I really focus on being technical. Technique wins fights. If I’m not training, I’m at home studying. I break down the best boxers, wrestlers, kickboxers, BJJ fighters fights. I watch what they do and try and implement it into my game somehow. I read alot on growing as an athlete and person”

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan in order to provide MMA fans a look at one of Canada’s best up and comers; his next fight will be only his 2nd fight in the lightweight division under the Hard Knocks FC promotion in Alberta. His 1st win as a 155 pound fighter was via rear naked choke; yet this past August in Maine under Down East FC-King Of The Beach promotions is where he won via kneebar in the second round at 170. Incredibly, he will be fighting for the lightweight title under his next promotion–a magnificent leap to grace.

“Hard Knocks FC is the next promotion I am fighting for on October 3rd. I have competed with them before and they are awesome to work with. This is their 38th show so they are professional and know how to do things. They are probably one of the biggest shows in Canada. I’m honored to be fighting for their Lightweight Title”


Michael Hill (red glove tape) vs. Ryan Dickson
Ryan in the blue tape throwing a beautiful long jab to former TUF contestant Micheal Hill in one of his 2 losses via Unanimous decision under the WSOF–but that’s okay because Ryan doesn’t consider unanimous decisions a win– at least not for himself. Credit: and Jacob Bos 


Ryan’s next opponent  Dave Mazany hails from the fight mecca of the world, Las Vegas, holding a professional record of 11-4-0 versus Ryan’s 9-2-0. Numbers dont tell the full story though, as the throbbing difference in submission finishes for Ryan Dickson is a threatening challenge for his HKFC lightweight opponent–8 of Ryan’s 9 wins have been via submission. Surely Mazany is working on his ground defense as we speak.

Obviously an honor of this proportion is something that only a few fighters in the professional world can say they’ve attained. A record like Ryan’s, including his exciting style is something that has propelled him forward. The future holds magnificent potential for the 24 year old–but what has kept him there?

“I started having success. I trained for almost 2 years before I did my first amateur fight. I won by submission in the first round. I fought a couple months later and won again, quick in the first round but this time by TKO. I loved the feeling of winning more so than the other sports I had played because it was just me. I didnt have the team to blame, I didnt have any equipment or anything like you could maybe use in tennis or golf or something. MMA is the most pure sport I have ever played. No excuses, you lose, you were not the better competitor.

Now what keeps me going hard is the fact that i could be one of the best. I truly believe i can be one of the best competitors and will work hard until i get there. I also want to help other people be inspired and keep a positive outlook and realize their potential”

Ryan Dickson (red glove tape) vs. Brandt Dewsbery

Ryan in the red tape, displaying his outstanding ground game. Credit: & Keith Mills


I have  had the pleasure of sneaking in once in a while on some training sessions Ryan and his colleagues have at Tapout Burlington weekly under the advice of head trainer Sergio Cunha, and the mental focus displayed is nothing short of inspirational. Since his drop to lightweight from welterweight, Ryan has been a specimen of discipline and this includes the hellish confines of dieting. He added to the interview by stating the age old quote “you are what you eat” as it reflects that there is no shortcut, it is not an option for an athlete of his caliber.This is especially true in his new found weight class, where I have personally witnessed him sticking to his eating habits and constant weight tracking to compliment an incredible training regime. But this is all apart of the dream and the goal.
“I have extreme belief in myself and my training. NO ONE WORKS HARDER. They MAY train as hard, but I know I train as hard as anyone out there
I really focus on being technical. Technique wins fights. If I’m not training, I’m at home studying. I break down the best boxers, wrestlers, kickboxers, bjj fighters fights. I watch what they do and try and implement it into my game somehow.
I read a lot on growing as an athlete and person.
 My weakness could be that I think TOO much. Alot of time I try to make things perfect, which has made me hesitant in some of my past fights”
Ryan has made it clear by record, performance, dedication and surely even just this interview that his upcoming fight will be something you wouldn’t want to miss. His closing words for his next opponent are nothing short of sensational–as we will be lifting his spirits against the Las Vegas man on October 3rd.
“I want to be seen as the best person they have ever fought. I only fear being boring…but that will never happen”
With his legacy only growing at a rapid rate, we don’t expect he will.
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