Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Report: Thiago Silva Re-Signs With UFC

UPDATE: UFC President Dana White has confirmed that Thiago Silva has been re-signed and also defends the decision to do so. Read what White had to say about UFC re-signing Silva by checking out the following MMANews.com article: Dana White Comments On UFC Re-Signing Thiago Silva

The official Twitter account and Instagram account of The Blackzilians is reporting that Thiago Silva is officially back on the active UFC roster.

Silva was fired from UFC after an incident in February that saw the UFC Light Heavyweight contender in a standoff with SWAT team members after he allegedly fired shots at a gym that his wife was training at due to her having an alleged affair with the owner of the facility.

The official Blackzilians Instagram account posted the following, with a caption that read: “We are proud to announce that Thiago Silva is officially back with the #UFC – We are truly thankful to the UFC and hope to see him fighting again by January. #mma #blackzilians @glennmma @thiagoufcsilva”

The official Blackzilians Twitter account tweeted this one:

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