Monday, October 3, 2022

UFC Loses Longtime Sponsor Xyience After Sale

UFC will be losing one of their longtime sponsors as Xyience, which marketed a “hardcore” energy drink and various other supplements, was recently sold to Big Red Ltd., an independent soft drink company based in Austin, Texas. spoke with the CEO of Big Red Ltd., Gary Smith, who stated the following:

“Big Red’s resources and selling system could create significant growth opportunities for Xyience. And even though the brand will end its time as the self-proclaimed “official energy drink of the UFC,” Xyience won’t forget these consumers. Rather, Smith wants the brand to also reach other healthy people, such as Crossfit athletes, Color Run participants, and marathoners, for example.

“I’m just gonna soften it up a little bit,” Smith said. “Make it a little less hardcore than the image that it’s got today.”

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