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Canadian Fighters To Watch: Lyndon Whitlock

Fighting requires a presence. The kind of aura that many champions have had, and used without knowing it, against their opponents across the cage. The invisible, but truly visceral feeling a fighter can place upon their opponent, prior too, during and after the fight, sometimes becomes the driving factor for their victories. This idea also floats through life in general–and as a coach and a fighter, Lyndon Whitlock, for me has a grand presence.

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario and training  as well as coaching, at both Parabellum MMA and Tapout Burlington, Lyndon has maximized his obsession with the sport by living and breathing to attain greater success than what he has already accomplished. Although many say it, I can truly atest, that he means it–probably with more substance than most. “MMA is my life. I cant really put into words what it means to me. Its just apart of who I am. I’m a much happier fulfilled person with coach, training and fighting involved in my life”

Credit: Aggro Photography Top MMA News ECC 20 Recap
Credit: Aggro Photography Top MMA News ECC 20 Recap

I was lucky enough to meet Lyndon a year ago, when I started training at one of his home gyms, Tapout Burlington. A technical guru in Muay Thai and Kickboxing classes, my idea of his presence was gathered through these meetings. Not one pivot, awkward body movement or piece of choreography goes untouched when your a student under the former featherweight and new bantamweight. His desire to teach you, your body and your mind exactly how to function is that of a fighter whose time is literally spent only on fighting and technical scrutiny. I can only imagine the mental puzzles he puts together for himself before, during and after fights. This does not mean though, that Lyndon’s sense of patience and technicality comes with someone who isn’t light hearted with a  good sense of humor–he just doesn’t welcome non sense.

“I’m an idiot that’s what keeps me in this sport of high risk and little reward. There’s no logical answer to why anyone stays in this sport besides its just apart of who we are. I’m a fighter because its in my DNA, not because being a fighter is a wise life choice. but winning keeps bring me back. Most people will never know how good that feeling its. Weeks, months and years of hard work and sacrifice put on the line for one night. No feeling on earth is better then when things go your way that night.”

Credit: The Score/ Peter Chatterton

Unfortunately for fight fans, we will not be able to see him build upon his 9-4 record until early next year, as surgery has claimed his current goals for now. That doesn’t stop him from constant study and mental preparation. He has a focus that is razor sharp and is often no match for his opponents. Its cliche, but in some cases the cliche is true–always watch out for the quiet ones. Quiet demeanor, maybe, but Lyndon is never short of a big opinion, especially in the case of MMA, his life, his sacrifice. But he also isn’t the kind of fighter who will expel meaningless words unless they mean something to him. So, when a game of mind tricks is attempted by the opposition, they should be prepared to lose.

“Mind games don’t bother me.. you can call me names, you can taunt me, you can even say things about my mom, none of that matters once we are in there. Head games or no head games the task at hand is still the same.I refuse to let those types of things cloud my judgement. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is who hurts who the most (and once in awhile who laid on top of who the longest)”

A fighter with a truly exciting striking and grappling background, many of Lyndon’s victories have come in combination of TKO and Submissions. He is explosive, but also calculating–in some cases, by watching him, I wonder if his calculations will turn out to be crazy freighting as well as thrilling. In most cases they are, but even in defeat, comes a grave lesson learned; as any smart fighter would properly digest. What is truly clear is his ability to capitalize on opponents when they are at their weakest, of course he puts them there to being with–but if you want to see a lion swarm its prey, watch Lyndon.

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He owes debts to the many that have lifted him along the way, including the coaches at his home gyms, his friend and family. It seems as though not many go unnoticed, as most fighters are aware of the sacrifices that they are succumbed too in fighting for a living. The smart ones are the ones who realize that their potential is reached with great people behind them–of course obstacles stood in the way for Lyndon at first with family, but the sport is still so young, you can only imagine how one would react to the decision of their child, sibling or significant other becoming a fighter. Luckily, it all turned out for the best.

“We all met tons of great people in our lives, but very few of those people (if any) change our lives. Gavin Hesson has given me so much whether it as a friend or a coach. I owe him way more then I can ever repay. My greatest wish is to walk to the UFC octagon with him by my side. I wanna give that to him at least once. I’ve been blessed to have met Gavin…my family obviously thought I was stupid for wanting to fight. But I think in hindsight they weren’t shocked by the decision. Despite their opinion of whether or not I should fight, my mom and dad are my biggest supporters.. my mom hasn’t missed a fight in 4 years”

I can guarantee you one thing; after several conversations, meetings and examination of Lyndon, a truly special fighter, he will not leave you disappointed.

“People should watch me fight because I promise it will be a fight. I don’t believe in winning a sport on point, I believe in winning a fight by doing more damage”

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