Friday, January 28, 2022

Conor McGregor On Jose Aldo: “You Can’t Stand In Front Of Me Like That”

“The Notorious” Conor McGregor, who was front row for the classic UFC Featherweight Championship main event between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes at UFC 179 on Saturday night, spoke about his thoughts on the fight during the official UFC 179 post-show on FOX Sports 1.

“It was a phenomenal contest. I showed my respect for both competitors. They put it all on the line. They slugged it out, that Thai style; you hit me, I hit you, we stand and we trade. It was beautiful to watch the fight,” said the Irish superstar.

McGregor continued, “I believe he can be hit, but he showed his heart. He showed his will. He showed his frustration as well at times. He was looking toward the ref and things of that nature. I believe he got frustrated, but it was a great contest. I have nothing but respect for anyone that gets in there and lays it on the line, (but) I feel if I connect, it will end. That is the difference between myself and these people.”

McGregor elaborated, explaining why Aldo can’t fight him the way he fought Mendes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past weekend.

“You can’t stand flat-footed. You can’t stand in front of me like he did there. You can’t stand there. One or two clean shots from me and it is all over. I don’t need to hit you clean. It just needs to be anywhere. I definitely saw holes in the game. My confidence is sky high looking at the contest.”

McGregor has one more hurdle to jump before he can prove these theories, as he is scheduled to return to the Octagon for a fight with Dennis Siver on January 18th.

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