Thursday, December 9, 2021

Dan Hardy Explains Why He Called Matt Hughes “A Real Piece Of Sh*t”

After calling UFC Hall Of Famer Matt Hughes “a real piece of sh-t” on Twitter, UFC commentator and former title contender Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy is at it again.

Recently, it was announced that Hughes would be debuting a hunting show on the Sportsman Channel called “Uncaged With Matt Hughes,” which doesn’t sit well with Hardy.

“I think Hughes should forgo one of the shows I his trophy hunting series to sit in front of a camera and debate his actions with me,” said “The Outlaw.”

Coming to Hughes’ defense is a fellow fighter Brian Foster, who said “I think Dan Hardy needs to lay off Matt Hughes and let us country boys do our damn thing!” We provide food.”

Hardy responded by pointing out the fact that he doesn’t mind those who hunt to feed a family, he has a problem with people who hunt for “sport.”

“That’s very different to killing for fun,” Hardy said. “I have no problem doing it to feed your family. I’m against self-righteous pricks that think the world is their playground to do with as they please.”

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