Saturday, November 27, 2021

Heather Clark Talks Fighting Felice Herrig A Second Time On TUF 20

Below are highlights of an interview with Ultimate Fighter cast member Heather Clark from The MMA Report:

On fighting Herrig a second time:

“I knew it was going to happen, it was something I definitely looked forward to when I got the word I was going to be on the show. I knew for sure I was going to fight her, on my application the last question on the TUF application was to tell something interesting about yourself and I went on to talk about my hockey career, my theatre background, my stunts and then the last thing was “and I want a rematch with Felice Herrig, it would be the cherry on top”. It was something I wanted and I think the fans wanted.”

On her first fight with Herrig in Bellator:

“My manager came to me and offered a fight against Felice for my first fight and for whatever reason it didn’t go through and she pulled out and got another fight in Bellator and I knew she was going to take that and I would have done the same. Down the road we got offered another fight and she decided she didn’t want to take that because she said I wouldn’t make weight and that kind of pissed me off and I started poking at her a bit and pokes turned into stabs back and forth and whatnot. It was kind of something at that point where I was like “you offended me, I’ve apparently offended you, lets handle and settle this in the cage”. In the first fight, I broke my radius in my right arm, completely in half and fought for eight minutes with a broken radius and now I have a plate and six screws in there so it was quite the fight.”

On problems with Angela Magana:

“We did a stupid reality show that never got aired, thankfully. She is just really obnoxious, she’s a bully, she likes to feed off other people’s misery and she likes to put people down, she’s just a major insecure girl, a girl who grew up with unfortunately parents that didn’t teach her about bullying.”

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