Friday, June 24, 2022

Jose Aldo On Conor McGregor: “I Don’t See Anything That Stands Out”

Current UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo, who defends his title against top-ranked contender Chad Mendes at the upcoming UFC 179 pay-per-vew, says that the Mendes rematch is all that’s on his mind right now, despite rumblings from a certain rising Irish prospect.

“I’m not looking at anyone else at the moment,” Aldo told MMA Junkie. “I’m focused on my next fight, which is against Chad Mendes. If people are hyping Conor [McGregor], I haven’t read about it.”

Aldo doesn’t rule out spending some brain space on the man who calls himself “Notorious,” however, claiming that if he gets past Mendes on October 25th, he may set his sights on McGregor.

“After my fight, I’ll have time to see what the hype’s all about.”

Aldo continued, “I make it a point to observe all fighters in the featherweight category. I’m the champion, and I plan to remain the champion. I do pay attention to any featherweight fight where someone is ranked in the UFC, since that could potentially be my next adversary. Conor is no different than any other fighter.”

The last remaining Brazilian champion does admit that he doesn’t see anything special in McGregor, however, as he concluded with the following comment about the Irish-born star.

“I don’t see anything that stands out.”

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