Thursday, December 9, 2021

War Machine’s Brother Blogs About His Attempted Suicide In Jail

UPDATE: War Machine’s brother, Michael Koppenhaver, has posted another blog dealing with this situation. You can check that out via the following article: Michael Koppenhaver Posts Another Blog Touching On War Machine’s Suicide Attempt


After the news broke yesterday that former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine tried to commit suicide in jail, his brother, Michael Koppenhaver, wrote a blog with more details on the situation.

You can read an excerpt from that blog below.

My brother used his bed linens in an attempt to hang himself in that cold, lifeless room. He tied a sheet around his neck and a bed post, lifted his legs in the air and pushed himself off the bed causing the sheet to tighten around his neck and cut off his air supply. A Corrections Officer found his lifeless body – his face purple, no pulse, no respirations, by clinical standards my brother was dead.

By God’s grace the demons didn’t win. The guard cut him down and began heroic, lifesaving actions that restarted War’s heart and brought his body back to life. Deep in my heart I know my father was there, letting Jon know this wasn’t his time to die, this wasn’t how his story ends.

After he was revived, my brother remained very quiet asking only to see my sister, his attorney and me. Sadly we were not allowed to see him, not allowed to talk with him. The authorities only allowed his attorney to see him and they forbid any human contact, his attorney could not hold War’s hand or touch his shoulder. Animals are treated better than my brother is being treated.

He is currently on suicide watch, in yet another isolation cell, this time with no clothing and only a small blanket for warmth.

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