Saturday, December 4, 2021

Bec Rawlings’ Husband Says TUF 20 Contestant Lied About Domestic Abuse Claims

During the most recent edition of The Ultimate Fighter 20, UFC Strawweight prospect Bec Rawlings made the claim that she was the victim of continuous domestic abuse incidents from her husband, Australian mixed-martial-artist Dan ‘Enson’ Hyatt. After the episode aired, Hyatt reached out to to tell his side of the story, claiming Rawlings is not telling the truth.

Below is an e-mail sent to from Hyatt, where he explains his side of the story.


Message Good morning, I am contacting you in regards to a story your website, Facebook page and Twitter account may have carried in the past about me in relation to claims of domestic violence and abuse suffered by my estranged wife, TUF 20’s Bec Rawlings, or as she is still legally known, Bec Hyatt. Given her appearance on last weeks episode of The Ultimate Fighter – Season 20, my hand has once again been forced to detail my side of events, a side of events which have never been afforded the chance to be read by the MMA community. This is despite the fact that my estranged wife’s allegations and claims, all of which are unfounded, are continually reported on and shared throughout MMA media circles, and now featured on TUF, as if they are fact, and while not only my fight career and personal life suffers, not one media outlet has ever approached me to afford an opportunity to defend myself, or a chance to share my side of the story. My name is Dan Enson Hyatt, and for introductory sake, I have a storied near decade long history within the Australian MMA scene, a career which has seen me compete as a professional thirteen times, run a successful fight academy, and position myself as a promoter of one of Australia’s most respected and prominent fight organisations. I was the very first trainer of Bec Rawlings (Hyatt), her career manager, and her social media director for 7 of her 8 professional fights. While I do not expect you to share, or believe my side of events, especially given that domestic violence and the bullying of men doesn’t tug at the same heart strings as females, my estranged wife’s continued public charade as a victim, and a role model, is not only a slap in the face to myself, someone who was bullied, physically attacked and mentally abused throughout a near four year relationship, but to every single one of her bullying victims over the years. Is this all so hard to believe given her transparent bully tendencies on TUF 20 at present? My estranged wife’s story of domestic violence and abuse is grossly fabricated to serve an agenda and to damage the reputation of myself. It is a story in which the majority of its allegations are completely unfounded and untrue! Six hours ago I once again responded to her frivolous claims and allegations, and at the time of sending this email, my Facebook page status has amassed hundreds of likes, and almost one hundred shares. If you have any interest in being an un-bias media outlet and giving my side of events a chance of public light, especially when you consider the damage my career is once again suffering, it can be found at the top of the below link; Dan ‘Enson’ Hyatt (Facebook Page)

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