Saturday, November 27, 2021

Female MMA Fighter Betina Baino Arrested Twice For Public Nudity

Female MMA fighter Betina Baino has been arrested on two separate occasions over the past week for walking around naked in the streets of Brazil.

Baino offered the following explanation for her actions to Brazilian media outlet G1:

I’m not naked, I’m natural. What is not natural is we do not have health care. What is not natural is an athlete to become a prostitute to survive. What is not natural is a prostitute who was to be rich without turning [tricks]. I think it’s normal [to walk] without clothes because I’m healthy, I’m beautiful,” Baino told G1. “It’s a rant. In MMA, I had the opportunity to fight back because I’m ready to be there. I know what will come ahead. Now when I do not have the minimum requirement of having my government. Without security, no food, no house. So I wanted to make a protest calling for President Dilma. I do not know. I ask her to ask for our help to the folks doing the best thing.”

After her first arrest, Baino was taken to a local mental health facility to undergo a psychological examination. According to her records, Baino has a history of mental health issues that have been under medical surveillance.

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