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Top 5 MMA Fighters Who Could Succeed In WWE

To die-hard MMA fans, the term “pro wrestling” is basically profanity. They’re “bad words.” But why? Don’t MMA fans see the many similarities that top-level MMA fighters share with top-level professional wrestlers?

You have to be a superb athlete to reach success in either business. You have to have an ability to sell tickets and pay-per-views through personal issues. I could go on for days listing the common ground that both professions have, however the one thing that separates the two is the fact that once the bell rings, MMA is real and pro wrestling isn’t. It’s not a legitimate sports competition, but it is absolutely a legitimate form of athletics.

Today we are going to look at five names from the world of MMA that I feel could succeed in pro wrestling. Five fighters that have all of the ingredients it takes to succeed at the top level in professional wrestling — the WWE.

Who are the top five MMA fighters that could transition into top WWE Superstars the easiest?

It’s time to find out …

#5. Nick Diaz

Die-hard fans of pro wrestling know who the Briscoe Brothers are. They have a cult-like fan-following in the independent world of pro wrestling and are very different than your average “sports entertainer.” The Diaz Brothers, Nick and Nate, are basically the MMA equivalent to the Briscoe Brothers.

Nick Diaz has a charisma about him that’s very different. He’s not a Chael Sonnen or Conor McGregor type that brags and “cuts promos” and does all of the “bells and whistles” that Dana White constantly refers to. Regardless, he grabs the attention of the public.

There’s something about Diaz’s very blunt, honest style of talking that people gravitate towards. They either love him for it, or they hate him for it. These are the same traits that go into making a great professional wrestler. If you can get people to love you or hate you, it doesn’t matter which as long as they care one way or the other, then odds are you’re going to succeed.

When you factor in that unidentifiable charisma and look at the superb conditioning and athleticism that Diaz has, you see all of the ingredients of a top level professional wrestler. If he ever explored that avenue, I think he’d find a considerable amount of success.

#4. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Quinton Jackson is the modern day MMA version of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Few fighters can touch Jackson in the charisma department, and even fewer can cut a promo as well as the wild brawler known as “Rampage.”

Jackson grew up in Memphis a big pro wrestling fan, and admittedly idolized WWE Hall Of Famer The Junkyard Dog. Where do you think his trademark chain came from? He has dabbled in the pro wrestling world as a former “guest host” of WWE RAW and as a part-time performer for TNA Wrestling. He has admitted many times in the past, including in an interview with yours truly, that he would like to enter the world of pro wrestling on a legitimate basis when his MMA career concludes. He has all the tools to succeed in pro wrestling, in my opinion, as well as he has in the fight-world.

Rampage has had some fierce rivalries in MMA. His three-fight series with Wanderlei Silva will go down in history. His feud with Rashad Evans on season ten of The Ultimate Fighter is about as good as a pre-fight show gets. His recent feud with Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in Bellator, his current fighting home, was reminiscent to the Evans rivalry.

Few fighters have all of the ingredients to seamlessly transition from the top level of MMA to the top level of pro wrestling, however “Rampage” is one of them.

#3. Ronda Rousey

A lot of times when lists like these are made, the gals go unnoticed. Much like Women’s MMA was ignored and blackballed by Dana White for so many years, there’s always that one exception. Ronda Rousey was that exception.

On her own, Rousey changed White’s mind and forced him to open his eyes to the reality that women can fight. They can sell tickets, pay-per-views, anything the men can do. Some even better. Again, Rousey is that person.

With Georges St-Pierre retired, Chuck Liddell and Brock Lesnar out of the game and other big names no longer in the sport, Rousey is arguably the biggest star in the UFC today. Her rise through the ranks in UFC was as fast as many of her fights, with Rousey establishing herself — and the entire sport of Women’s MMA as fast as an opponent tapping out to one of her deadly armbars.

Rousey is a fan of pro wrestling. Her nickname “Rowdy” is the same as Roddy Piper, another “Judo” Gene LeBell protege’. Hell, she even has a “faction” of sorts, with The Four Horsewomen mimicking the original Four Horsemen from the old pro wrestling days of NWA and WCW.

If Rousey were ever to make the jump to pro wrestling, I feel she could become a pretty big star, which is saying something because you can count on one hand how many women became household names from the world of pro wrestling. Few are given the opportunity to succeed at the level that the men do, but much like in MMA, I truly feel Rousey could be the exception.

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