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Top Ten MMA “Super Fights” That Can Be Made Today (Part One)

UPDATE: Part two of our look at the “Top Ten MMA ‘Super Fights’ That Can Be Made Today” has been added. To check out part two of this multiple-part editorial series, click here

The super fight.

It’s a fight-fans dream to see two warriors that you never, in your wildest dreams, imagined you’d see standing across from each other waiting for the bell to ring.

For years now fans have been clamoring for a plethora of “super fights” or “dream matches” to come to fruition. Unfortunately, most — if not all — have yet to happen, outside of a couple of fights that were put together when the UFC bought out longtime rival PRIDE Fighting Championships.

For example, who thought we’d ever see “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell and “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva trading blows in the center of the Octagon?

Sure, had Liddell been able to overcome insurmountable odds in the PRIDE Grand Prix many moons ago, we had a shot at seeing Liddell vs. Silva in the PRIDE ring, but the way that whole thing was set up was a complete and utter mess.

Basically put, it wasn’t fair.

It wasn’t man vs. man, fighter vs. fighter, with all things being fair and equal.

In many ways, that turned out to be a good thing.

We got to witness Quinton Jackson dethrone the UFC mega-star in a fair fight, which helped further one of the best rivalries in PRIDE history — Rampage vs. Silva.

Fast-forward a few years later, UFC buys PRIDE, and the “powers that be” finally made it happen.

December 29, 2007.

UFC 79: “Nemesis.”

The “dream match” between an albeit past-their-primes Liddell and Silva would finally take place.

No, they didn’t have to fight two or three times in one night to finally see each other standing across the ring in hopes of finding out who the superior combatant was.

It was a fresh “Iceman” and a fresh “Axe Murderer” waiting for referee Herb Dean to say “fight!”

And fight they did.

Had that same match took place a few years prior, it might have been a totally different story. A totally different outcome. But that’s neither here nor there. It finally happened, and as a fight fan, those are the moments you dream about.

This past Monday, after UFC’s “The Time Is Now” press conference, current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones spoke of his desire to partake in some “super fights” or “dream matches” of his own.

Picture it now — Jones vs. Anderson Silva. Jones vs. Cain Velasquez. Hell, even Jones vs. Fabricio Werdum, the current interim UFC Heavyweight Champion who was quick to accept such a challenge.

In part one of this three-part editorial feature, we here at decided to compile a list of what we feel are the ten biggest potential “super fights” that can be made in this great sport of mixed-martial-arts.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list, in reverse order.

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