Monday, December 5, 2022

What UFC 360 Magazine Fails To Do For Their Prospective Fighters

Upon the face of the current “UFC 360″ issue stands a crossed-armed, surprisingly buff, former Camp Rock serenader Nick Jonas. The 22 year old teen sensation must have turned UFC fans heads when they realized it was him and not a established UFC fighter photographed for their cover. The reason for his feature in the magazine is his participation in the new MMA series, ‘The Kingdom’,
a drama surrounded around colourful and athletic characters set in the back drop of a MMA gym. So far it seems that the drama has received critical acclaim and considering the Nick Jonas the public once knew, his commitment to the role has been impressive. His shedding of pop star skin to, thick, gruelling fighter flesh has cost him some rounds with featherweight Cub Swanson.


Overall, it’s fair to say he has done an admirable job, considering the fact that many modern MMA fans would be quick to turn away from a program with him in it. Yet this isn’t the point that should be made. This isn’t a review about the show or whether or not you should separate your opinions and watch it. It’s a much bigger thought than that. The big question I have for the magazines theme for the month is this, why the hell does Nick Jones get the chance at a UFC magazine cover and not a UFC fighter?

Most covers behold some of the UFC’s greatest champions and biggest superstars, for obvious marketing reasons. But if the UFC is so shallow on cover ideas, what reasoning do they have putting the likes of newly baptized to MMA, Nick Jonas over a fighter who would otherwise not get the exposure? This isn’t an attack on the Jonas Brother, but it is to show some skepticism for UFC fighters who fight on main cards and can hardly pay their own humble expenses. The only logical reasoning behind having the likes of the Dallas native over a UFC prospect is the sheer fact that the issue is dedicated to ‘Strength and Conditioning’– it outlines his blueprint for gaining the mass he attained over a short period of time.

UFC 360 Magazine Cover
UFC 360 Magazine Cover


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