Monday, June 27, 2022

Jason David Frank Wants To Fight CM Punk In UFC

Jason David Frank, the actor and martial artist best known as the Green Power Ranger, is calling out CM Punk for a fight once again and wants to be the man to welcome Punk to the Octagon in 2015.

Following the announcement that Punk has signed a multi-fight deal with UFC, Frank posted the following message on Facebook:

“I’ve tried for years haha. you can’t just Join UFC you have to be invited and prove your self as a fighter. I have a lot of great friends who are GREAT fighters that still haven’t got Into the UFC. I Didn’t know with no fight experience you can. Well I was wrong. He’s in the UFC and that’s that. Don’t under estimate him though Brock did it, maybe he can too? PS I still would like a shot haha. JDF”

Frank’s manager, Brian Butler, told FOX Sports on Sunday:

“Jason’s actually been kind of toying with the idea of fighting CM Punk for over a year now. They toured together on the Wizard World conventions and they were doing appearances together and the fans were kind of talking about it and it got some buzz about a year ago. It never really died down, but with the announcement last night it flared back up.

“I got a text message from Jason right away saying ‘he wants to fight at middleweight, too, I’d love to do it, he got away from me’ just kind of joking around. But actually it makes a lot of sense.”

Back in 2011, when Frank and CM Punk were touring together doing signings as part of the Wizard World Comic Con conventions, a fan asked Punk if he’d accept Frank’s challenge. Punk replied, “Sure, why not?”

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