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UFC 181 Results – Lawler Upsets Hendricks In Controversial Split Decision, Pettis Stops Melendez

The wait is over! We are finally here.

Welcome to the live UFC 181 Results coverage center. Here we will be providing detailed, round-by-round coverage of each fight on the UFC 181 pay-per-view, as well as quick-match coverage of the preliminary bouts.


– Clay Collard def. Alex White via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 rounds.
– Sergio Pettis def. Matt Hobar via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 rounds.


– Raquel Pennington def. Ashlee Evans-Smith via TKO (choke) after round 1 ended.
Corey Anderson def. Justin Jones via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) after 3 rounds.
– Josh Samman def. Eddie Gordon via KO (head kick) at 3:08 of round 2.
– Urijah Faber def. Francisco Rivera via submission (choke after eye poke) at 1:34 of round 2.

NOTE: We’ll be switching to detailed, round-by-round results coverage of the entire pay-per-view portion of the show, which is up next! Stay tuned ….


Tony Ferguson vs. Abel Trujillo

Round 1: Alright, all of the hype is over. The intro is done, the early announcer discussion is done. We’ve got two mixed-martial-artists walking to the cage right now, folks. Bruce Buffer just finished doing his thing. “Big” John McCarthy starts ’em off. Here we go! Ferguson-Trujillo is underway now. Trujillo comes out the forward aggressor early, but Ferguson seems to be finding his groove now. Just as I say that, Trujillo decks Ferguson with a big shot. Ferguson pops right back up, but is clearly a bit rocked. Trujillo stuns him again with another heavy-handed shot and moments later, takes Ferguson down. Ferguson pops back up. Trujillo pushes him against the cage and is holding onto him. He lets go and swings but Ferguson avoids any damage. Trujillo launches another right that partially finds the mark again. We’re exactly half-way through the round as Trujillo takes Ferguson down again. Ferguson is staying busy from the bottom, looking for armbars and keeping his hips busy, but the entire time, Trujillo is coming down with very hard, heavy-handed shots from the top position. Trujillo stands up and backs out, allowing Ferguson back to his feet. 90 seconds remains. Ferguson catches Trujillo with a nice, clean right hand that has him backing up now. Ferguson is coming forward now, but isn’t doing much yet. 45 seconds left in the opening frame. The last several seconds of the round has both guys circling and tossing punches out, none of which really land or matter, outside of one final shot from Ferguson right at the bell. scores the round 10-9 Abel Trujillo

Round 2: Round two begins with both guys looking pretty fresh and both looking determined. Mike Goldberg keeps hyping an announcement at the end of tonight’s show from Joe Rogan that “you do NOT want to miss.” Ferguson starts mixing some low kicks in with his offense, so Trujillo looks to catch one and take him down. He tries, but has no success. A very nice inside leg kick from Ferguson lands. Trujillo dives right in afterward for a takedown, but Ferguson sprawls well. Ferguson is looking to lock in a D’Arce choke but Trujillo is defending. Ferguson switches to the back of Trujillo now. In the midst of doing so, Ferguson ends up on his back, but in total offensive-mode. He’s got the arm of Trujillo now and is looking for something. Trujillo gets his arm free and is just on top now. Ferguson immediately pops up as the two are against the cage. Trujillo has Ferguson from behind standing, but Ferguson reverses and trips Trujillo down to the mat. Much different round here in the second than the first. Ferguson is looking for a choke from the back on the ground, but the two scramble back to their feet. With two minutes left, Trujillo scores a takedown. Ferguson pops right back up with ease literally seconds later. Ferguson snaps Trujillo down to the mat in a headlock position. He switches to Trujillo’s back and is now looking to get his hooks in. He changes to side control from the back and is hammer-fisting away at a turtled-up Trujillo. Out of nowhere, Ferguson secures the arms under Trujillo’s throat and locks in the rear naked choke. Seconds later, Trujillo taps.

Tony Ferguson def. Abel Trujillo via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:19 of round 2.


We’re cage-side with Joe Rogan and …CM PUNK! It is announced that the former WWE Superstar, CM Punk, has signed a multi-fight contract to FIGHT in the UFC. No bullsh*t. They speculate, but don’t confirm, that he will fight in the 185 pound division. More details to follow later.

Todd Duffe vs. Anthony Hamilton

Round 1: Both guys make their way to the cage. Bruce Buffer does his thing. Here we go! Wow, Duffee is nuts. That didn’t last long. The fast-KO man continues his fast KO-ways, knocking out Hamilton in just 33 seconds with a big right hand. Nuts.

Todd Duffee def. Anthony Hamilton via KO (punch) at 0:33 of round 1.

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