Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Dana White On Jon Jones: “Something’s Wrong If You’re Doing Drugs 3 Weeks Before A Big Fight”

UFC President Dana White continues to address all the rumors and speculation surrounding his UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, with his latest stop taking place on The Jim Rome Show.

After testing positive for cocaine in an out-of-competition drug test on December 4th leading up to his UFC 182 showdown with Daniel Cormier, checking himself into rehab and then allegedly checking himself back out only one day later, White noted that even though he’s unsure if Jones has a drug addiction issue as rumored, there has to be something going on if you’re doing hard drugs three weeks before a big fight.

“My thing is whether you have a problem with street drugs or not, you say you don’t have a problem, there’s definitely something wrong if you’re doing that three weeks before the biggest fight of your life,” said White.

Regarding his reaction to the news, White said, “Obviously, I was horrified. I didn’t see that one coming. I didn’t expect that.”

As noted earlier today, White disagrees with Jones’ mother, Camille Jones, who stated that her son checked himself out of rehab 24 hours after going in, but again declined to elaborate, simply stating that he will allow Jones himself to clear the air when he chooses to.

“When Jon Jones comes out and speaks — and he will soon — he can clear all that up,” said White.

White continued on the topic of “Bones” Jones, describing the superstar athlete as “a bit of a handful” throughout his young career thus far in the UFC.

“He’s been a bit of a handful,” said White. “He’s a young with an extreme amount of talent and has done some incredible things, but he’s been a bit of a handful.”

White also addressed the fact that Jones claimed he was going to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico to train full-tine at the Jackson-Winklejohn MMA camp.

“This kid probably has $15 million in the bank,” said White. “He was living in his hometown. All his buddies that he grew up with were hanging out with them every day. He’s made this commitment now to move down to Albuquerque, N.M., where he trains and he’s gonna stay in sharp year round. He seems like he has all the right intentions, but we’ll find out.”

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