Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Nick Diaz On UFC 183 Fight With Anderson Silva: “I Feel Like I Won Every Round”

You never know what is going to happen when a MMA fight is left in the hands of the judges, however when Bruce Buffer was reading the scorecards for Saturday’s UFC 183 main event, Nick Diaz was 100-percent positive that he was going to get the decision …or so he claims.

Immediately after the decision was announced, Diaz spoke with UFC commentator Joe Rogan inside the Octagon for a fight-post interview, which you can watch above.

“I felt like I won every round,” Diaz said to Rogan after the fight.

While Diaz gave himself a five-to-nothing shutout on his own personal scorecard, the actual UFC judges cards read 50-45, 50-45 and 49-46 in favor of “The Spider” after five rounds of action.

After the event was over, Diaz would go on to elaborate on his feelings about the scoring of the fight during the UFC 183 post-fight press conference.

“I know how I feel at the end of the fight,” said Diaz at the post-fight presser. “I don’t know what the judges are thinking, but I definitely pushed forward the whole time. I don’t know how they judge fights sometimes.”

Diaz continued, “I get real confused on how to win a fight out here initially, and then nowadays when you watch their counter-strikes and all that stuff. I don’t know what’s what until I see it. I don’t know how many punches were thrown or what. I just know that I could see this guy’s punches. He don’t think he could have finished me. If anybody was gonna finish anybody it was gonna be me finishing him.”

The Stockton bad boy went on to criticize those who go out of their way to try and formulate their game plans specifically in an attempt to convince three judges that they’re the better fighter on a given night.

“I just never try to beat somebody on the scorecards,” said Diaz. “It’s never happened. It’s not in me, I think. I’m real quick to just criticize somebody for even going there. ‘Are you doing this really? Are you really gonna not try to finish this fight?'”

To his credit, Diaz did admit that his showboating early on probably did himself no favors in the eyes of the judges.

“I’m sure the judges don’t like that,” Diaz admitted.

You can hear more post-fight comments from the UFC bad boy by checking out Nick Diaz’s solo UFC 183 post-fight press conference.

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