Saturday, November 26, 2022

UFC 183 Results — Silva Defeats Diaz, Woodley Edges Out Gastelum

Welcome to page two of our UFC 183 Results live coverage. From now until the end of tonight’s show, we will be providing very fast, very detailed live updates of every fight on the pay-per-view card. Make sure to hit refresh very often, as new updates will be posted every minute or so.

UFC 183 Results — Pay-Per-View Fights (10pm EST.)

Thiago Alves vs. Jordan Mein

Round 1: Alright everybody, both fighters are in the cage. Bruce Buffer just finished doing his thing. Our first UFC 183 PPV fight is officially underway! Mein lands a decent little hand, followed up by a right leg kick. Mein connects with an overhand right just over the guard of Alves. Mein lands another nice, solid right leg kick. Both guys exchange punches, with neither guy really landing anything of note. Alves has been pushing forward throughout the entire round thus far, but Mein is the only one really finding the target. Mein lands a nice standing elbow to the face of Alves. Mein is looking great so far. Mein lands another nasty standing elbow. Alves lands a nice leg kick. Solid jab by Mein. We’re half way through the first round. Alves throws a high kick, but Mein blocks it. Mein tags Alves with a nice punch. Mein with a lead elbow that misses, but he follows up with a decent punch. Alves bull-rushes forward but doesn’t connect with any shots. Mein flurries on Alves, who is up against the cage. Mein is absolutely mauling Alves right now. Alves tries a knee but Mein slides to the side and tee’s off with solid punch combinations. Mein lands a mean straight left-right punch combo. Alves’ eye is starting to swell up. Awesome round by Mein. scores the round 10-9 for Jordan Mein.

Round 2: You might even be able to score that first round 10-8 for Mein, but we’ll go 10-9 here at The second round begins with Alves pushing forward again, but Mein is using great foot work to avoid Alves’ offensive attempts. Out of nowhere, Mein drops down and does a flip-roll on the ground, basically just to show off. Well, it cost him, because out of nowhere, Alves blasts him with a vicious body kick and drops him. Alves lands a few shots on the ground and it’s all over just like that. Great comeback for Alves.

Thiago Alves def. Jordan Mein via TKO (body kick and punches) at 0:39 of round 2.

Tim Boetsch vs. Thales Leites

Round 1: Buffer just finished doing his thing. Here we go. Both guys come out aggressive. Boetsch lands a nice shot early on. Leites is circling around and using footwork, all-the-while Boetsch is bull-rushing forward with flurries every so often, none of which have really found the mark thus far. Boetsch gets caught with an eye-poke. Leites comes flying in out of nowhere with a big knee, but it only partially lands. Leites follows up with some punches while Boetsch’s back was up against the cage. Some of those shots found the mark. The Brazilian fans in the crowd, and there seems to be a lot of them based on the level of noise, are chanting something in support of Leites. Leites lands a nice inside leg kick. Leites lands a big uppercut. He goes for another inside leg kick, but this time Boetsch checks it. We’re half way through the round now as Boetsch bull-rushes in again. He lands nothing and Leites goes back to circling and utilizing his quick foot work to keep Boetsch off of him. Leites lands a clean counter left hook as Boetsch tried bull-rushing into him again. Leites goes for a takedown. He nearly gets it, as Boetsch almost went down to one knee, but he posted with his hand and got back up. Moments later, Boetsch tags Leites and now he’s got him on the ground and he’s pounding away with punches from the top as the clock winds down. The round ends up with Boetsch on top. Tough round to score. scores the round 10-9 for Tim Boetsch.

Round 2: Round two opens up with Leites working some leg kicks, most of which Boetsch is blocking. Leites looks for a big uppercut as Boetsch ducks his head. He just misses the mark on that one. Leites lands a decent punch shortly after that. Boetsch lands a good shot in return, which leads to Leites clinching with Boetsch and pushing him against the cage. The two separate. Boetsch lands a nice overhand right. Both guys clinch against, with Boetsch pushing Leites against the cage this time. Leites lands a solid right hand as the two separate. Leites throws a leg kick but Boetsch checks it. Boetsch lands a huge right hand that has Leites stumbling across the cage. Both guys clinch up against the cage now. Leites takes Boetsch down off the clinch. Leites quickly looks to pass to mount from the top position. We’re half way through the second round. Leites secures an arm-triangle from the top. He looks to have it. As Leites sunk in the arm-triangle a bit deeper, Boetsch finds the heart to escape. Leites slaps it right back on secnods later. This time he’s got it in real deep. Boetsch thinks about tapping. It doesn’t appear that he tapped, but rather he went unconscious. Either way, Leites wins. Yeah, Boetsch seems to be out now as Leites gets off of him. Another fight, another second round comeback. Very impressive. Leites’ face is a mess, by the way, showing even more how impressive his come-from-behind victory is.

Thales Leites def. Tim Boetsch via Submission (arm-triangle) at 3:45 of round 2.

Joe Lauzon vs. Al Iaquinta

Round 1: Al Iaquinta came out to “The Sopranos” theme song. That was bad ass. Bruce Buffer just finished doing his introductions and now our third pay-per-view fight of the evening is officially underway. Both guys are feeling each other out early on. Lauzon lands a decent combination with his hands. Lauzon smells blood like a shark in water and immediately flurries on Iaquinta some more. Iaquinta weathers the storm and now the pace has slowed back down. Iaquinta launches a big head kick at Lauzon, but Lauzon defends it well. Iaquinta lands a nice leg kick. And another. And another. Iaquinta with a body kick that is partially blocked by J-Lau. Iaquinta fakes a shot and comes up with a punch that fails to find the mark. Iaquinta lands a very nice leg kick. Two minutes left in the round as Lauzon lands a decent punch while Iaquinta lands a nice leg kick at the same time. Lauzon lands a nice right hand, which he follows up with another one. For some reason, the entire crowd is doing the Ric Flair “WOOOOO!” Out of nowhere, Lauzon slaps on a standing guillotine on Iaquinta and yanks him down to the mat. Iaquinta breaks free and is in top position now. J-Lau immediately scrambles back to his feet. Iaquinta with a nice shot to the body. Iaquinta mixes his punches up well now as the ten-second ticker hits. Iaquinta shoots in for a takedown to end the round, but Lauzon stuffs it. The buzzer sounds to end a pretty fun little first round. scores the round 10-9 for Joe Lauzon.

Round 2: Both guys touch gloves to begin the second round. Iaquinta paws with the jab early in the round. Lauzon lands a good right hand and starts firing away with follow up punches, most of which Iaquinta blocks and avoids. Iaquinta masks a high kick behind some punches, but J-Lau avoids it. Iaquinta with a good leg kick, followed by a solid front kick to the mid-section of J-Lau. Iaquinta’s jab breaks through the guard of Lauzon. Iaquinta follows up with a couple more jabs. Lauzon shoots in for a single-leg takedown attempt, but Iaquinta stuffs it. Iaquinta lands some nice punches to the body as we reach the half-way point of the round. Iaquinta may have stunned Lauzon with a good punch. Now he absolutely rocks him with a big shot. Iaquinta knocks Lauzon down and follows up. Lauzon survives and gets back to his feet. Iaquinta blasts him with another big punch that has him stutter-stepping across the cage. Iaquinta continues to batter Lauzon with punches until referee Mark Goddard saw enough. Iaquinta scores a second round TKO stoppage. It’s a night of second-round finishes tonight, folks!

Al Iaquinta def. Joe Lauzon via TKO (punches) at 3:34 of round 2.