Thursday, December 9, 2021

VIDEO: Preview Of New UFC Fight Pass Special — “Pioneers Of MMA: Kazushi Sakuraba”

UFC has released a preview video for the new UFC Fight Pass exclusive documentary, “Pioneers of MMA: Kazushi Sakuraba,” which takes a look at the career of the legendary Japanese mixed-martial-artist.

The official description for the preview video, which you can watch above, reads as follows:

Considered by UFC President Dana White to be one of the greatest talents of all time, the legend of Kazushi Sakuraba began at UFC Ultimate Japan in 1997, where the 183 lbs puroresu (traditional Japanese pro-wrestler) entered the heavyweight tournament on short notice only to win the four man event outright. Fighting almost exclusively in Japan and the PRIDE FC organization, “Saku” became a national icon by defeating six UFC champions and routing the legendary Gracie family. Featuring exclusive interviews and rare archival footage, this FIGHT PASS Original is the definitive retrospective of Sakuraba, Japan’s most celebrated mixed martial artist.”

“Pioneers of MMA: Kazushi Sakuraba” is available now on the UFC Fight Pass digital subscription service. For information on how to subscribe to UFC Fight Pass, click here.

Additionally, you can check out a preview of what’s to come on UFC Fight Pass for the month of February by watching the following video titled “This February on UFC FIGHT PASS,” courtesy of the official UFC YouTube channel.

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