Monday, October 3, 2022

VIDEO: Young Girl KOs Older Man, Claiming To Be Ex-UFC Fighter, With Vicious Punch (UPDATED)


Carrie Meoak, the girl in the above video, has surfaced online to comment about the clip, which is rapidly going viral across the web. Meoak noted that the person she is hitting in the video is not an ex-UFC fighter, but is in fact a former MMA fighter. The fighter’s name is Jose Luis Murillo, a pro fighter with a 7-11 pro MMA record and 1-2 amateur MMA record. Murillo, a 5’7” welterweight fighter, last competed at the RCWC “Summer Heat” event in June of 2013, losing to Cody Carrillo via TKO.


A viral video is making the rounds in internet MMA circles that features a young girl knocking out a much larger man, listed as an ex-UFC fighter.

While the person in the video does not appear to be someone who has fought in the UFC, he is claiming to be a former mixed-martial-artist.

The girl, listed under the name Carrie Meoak, is a young woman who according to the description, weighs all of 110 pounds.

Check out the video above to watch the young girl knock the living crap out of the much larger man, completely dropping him right on his face. Brutal!

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