Friday, September 30, 2022

Brendan Schaub Says Ronda Rousey Would “Rag-Doll” Ian McCall

UFC Heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub is the latest in a long line of many to discuss the topic of UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey fighting men.

Although Rousey herself insists there’s no place for male vs. female fighting, the topic continues to make the rounds, with many weighing in on the subject. One of those names is UFC Flyweight contender Ian McCall.

McCall recently made the claim that Rousey couldn’t even throw him, with or without a Judo gi.

Schaub disagrees.

During a recent edition of his FOX Sports podcast, The Ultimate Fighter season ten runner-up claims McCall “would be surprised.”

“If he put on a gi, Ronda would rag-doll him around the gym,” said Schaub. “He would be surprised. I’ve seen her rag-doll bigger, very skilled fighters. MMA, professional fighters. I’ve seen her destroy men. Fighters who were way bigger than [McCall].”

Schaub concluded, “She could definitely beat some of the 135ers in the UFC.”

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