Tuesday, October 4, 2022

CABMMA Overturns Silva-Dober Decision From UFC Fight Night 62

After what is being referred to as one of the worst calls in UFC history, the Brazilian Athletic Commission (CABMMA) has surprisingly done something about it.

The commission has actually decided to overturn the decision of last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 62 bout between Leandro Silva and Drew Dober, which was initially ruled a tap out victory for Silva due to a guillotine choke, despite the fact that Dober never tapped out, passed out or verbally submitted, to a “No Contest” ruling.

Re-watch what is being called one of the worst calls in the UFC history by clicking here.

The CABMMA issued the following statement to FOXSports.com:

“After receiving a detailed technical report from Mr. Eduardo Herdy, referee in charge of the bout mentioned in the case, which in the end clearly states that his stoppage was to preserve the fighter’s integrity, being that his highest responsibility when it comes to the duty of a referee, he has admitted his professional mistake and is willingly in favor to forgo his authority in the bout. Consequently, after reviewing the case, the Executive Committee presided by Mr. Rafael Favetti (Chairman & CEO) and Mr. Cristiano Sampaio (COO), has decided to overturn the result of Leandro Silva vs. Andrew Dober bout and is officially determining it as a no contest.”

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