Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mike Tyson: “Sh*t, Ronda Rousey Might Kick My Ass”

Following her 14-second destruction of Cat Zingano at UFC 184 last month, the MMA world once again touted Ronda Rousey as potentially being the female-MMA-equivilant to boxing legend Mike Tyson.

In a recent Huffington Post interview, “Iron” Mike spoke about the comparisons.

“Sh*t, Ronda Rousey might kick my ass,” said Tyson.

“That 14 seconds the last fight — sh*t, man, you got to take that seriously. She’s marketed herself, and not necessarily from a publicist’s perspective.”

Tyson concluded, “She put in the work, too. She’s putting these people to bed, she’s tapping them out, she’s doing the 14-second thing.”

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