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Ronda Rousey Helps Steal The Show With The Rock At WrestleMania 31

UPDATE: You can watch the complete Ronda Rousey segment with The Rock from WrestleMania 31 by clicking here.

Ronda Rousey not only showed up at WrestleMania 31 on Sunday night, she helped steal the show.

“Rowdy” Ronda, who as we noted earlier this evening, was in town for WrestleMania 31 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, not only took part in the show, but took part in potentially the most memorable segment on the pay-per-view.

During a segment, which featured a surprise return by The Rock, who less than 24 hours ago was on the opposite coast for a live taping of Saturday Night Live, the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion ended up getting involved.

For those who aren’t pro wrestling fans, and/or didn’t watch WrestleMania 31 on Sunday, we’ll spare you the attempt at explaining, and simply provide you with our entire recap of the segment, courtesy of our live play-by-play results at our pro wrestling sister-site,

In-Ring Segment: Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock & Ronda Rousey

Back live inside the ring, The Authority, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are announced. Stephanie begins, saying everyone in the stadium set a new attendance record of 76,976 fans. HHH takes over, doing a big heel promo about beating Sting and talking about how The Authority always wins.

As HHH continues to brag we hear, “If ya smell…..” and whatta ya know? The Rock traveled from New York after doing Saturday Night Live last night all the way to California for WrestleMania, as “The Brahma Bull” electrifies 76,976 fans (according to WWE, which is obviously not true), as he makes his way to the ring.

The “Rocky! Rocky!” chants break out inside Levi’s Stadium as The Rock holds a mic and his music dies down. Triple H looks at him with a confused look on his face.

The Rock says he was born in East Bay. He says he’s an East Bay boy. He tells The Authority that they don’t own the people, and they damn sure don’t own The Rock. The Rock says Triple H can go backstage and dress up like the Terminator again, or we can create history right now. The Rock alludes to wrestling Triple H. Triple H gets in Rock’s face.

HHH, while staring right in Rock’s face, damn near nose-to-nose, says they had a hell of a rivalry, but as he remembers it, he kicked Rock’s ass most of the time, so he claims he has nothing to prove. HHH walks off, but Rock stops him, by telling HHH he has no balls.

With that said, HHH takes his jacket off and prepares to fight. Rock bounces around ready to fight as well. Before anything happens, Stephanie tells HHH to hold on. Steph says if it wasn’t for the McMahon’s, there would be no Rock. She talks about the history of WWE making The Rock’s relatives famous, his grandfather, his father, etc.

Rock makes a joke about McMahon’s and Johnson’s, a play-on-words type of thing, which prompts Steph to slap the hell out of him. Steph gets in his face and asks him what he’s going to do about it. She asks if he’s going to hit a woman. She yells at him to get out of her ring. She mocks Rock as he starts to get out of the ring. Rock heads out of the ring.

Rock goes to leave, but Steph keeps mocking and taunting him, so instead he walks around the ring. The fans already realize what’s up, as Rock walks part Ronda Rousey. The fans chant “Ronda Rousey! Ronda Rousey!” Rock stops next to her and waives her over the barricade.

Rock and Rousey head back into the ring together. The fans are going completely nuts. The fans chant “Ronda’s gonna lill you” and “This is awesome” as Rock and Rousey stand down HHH and Stephanie.

The Rock says he would never hit a woman, but he has a friend who would. Steph tells Rock that he had his little surprise and that’s great, but she tells Rock that she and Rousey are actually friends. She tells Rousey to tell Rock that they’re friends. Steph tries to suck up to Rousey, calling her the “Queen of the Octagon” and “the most dangerous un-armed woman in the world,” before turning cold again and telling Rousey to get the hell out of her ring.

Rock hands Rousey the mic. Rousey says, “You need to understand something, Steph. Any ring I step in is mine.” She tells Steph, “If you want me to leave, how about you make me?” The fans “ooh” and “ahh” at that. Steph gets a serious tone in her voice and says, “Ronda, I said get the hell out of my ring — NOW!”

The Rock gets back on the mic. “Excuse The Rock for one second.” He tells Stephanie what the look in Rousey’s eyes means. Rock warns Steph about how bad Rousey is gonna beat her ass.

HHH gets fed up. He says he’s tired of hearing bad things about his wife. Rock starts firing away at HHH with punches. Rousey arm-drags HHH out of the ring. Steph grabs Rousey from behind. Stephanie goes to do her trademark bitch-slap to Rousey, but Rousey catches her arm and yanks on it as the announcers say Rousey might break Steph’s arm. Steph gets the hell out of dodge as Rock gets back on the mic.

The Rock says that’s the biggest “WrestleMania moment” of the night, before closing by saying, “If ya smell what The Rock and Rousey is cookin’!”

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