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UFC 185 Results — Two New Champions Crowned In Dallas

Welcome to the UFC 185 Results live coverage center. Here we will be providing live, detailed, round-by-round results coverage of the entire event.

Make sure to refresh this page often, as we will provide live results of the entire event. We will have live, quick-match UFC 185 Results coverage of both the Fight Pass preliminary fights, as well as the televised preliminary fights.

From there, we will switch gears and provide very detailed, very fast, round-by-round live UFC 185 Results updates of every fight on the pay-per-view card.

UFC 185 Fight Pass Prelim Results

– Germaine de Randamie def. Larissa Pacheco via TKO (strikes) at 2:02 of Round 2.
– Joseph Duffy def. Jake Lindsey via TKO (head kick and punches) at 1:47 of Round 1.
– Ryan Benoit def. Sergio Pettis via TKO (strikes) at 1:34 of Round 2.

UFC 185 Televised Prelim Results

– Jared Rosholt def. Josh Copeland via TKO (strikes) at 3:12 of Round 3.
– Beneil Dariush dfef. Daron Cruickshank via Submission (rear naked choke) at 2:48 of Round 2.
– Elias Theodorou def. Roger Narvaez via TKO (strikes) at 4:07 of Round 2.
– Ross Pearson def. Sam Stout via KO (punch) at 1:33 of Round 2.

From this point on, our live coverage will switch to very detailed, round-by-round updates for each fight remaining on the pay-per-view portion of the UFC 185 fight card, beginning with our first PPV fight of the evening ….

Chris Cariaso vs. Henry Cejudo

Round 1: Alright, the pay-per-view opening video just finished airing. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan are welcoming us to the show on commentary, as they talk about tonight’s big pay-per-view fights. Stay tuned and keep refreshing this page for the next update! The video package for Cariaso-Cejudo just finished now. Both guys are walking to the cage now. Cejudo is in the cage now. Cariaso is making his way to the Octagon now. Both guys are in the cage, we see the tale of the tape and now Bruce Buffer is doing his thing. Buffer is done and our referee Herb Dean makes this one official. Here we go! Cariaso lands a nice leg kick to open up the first round. Cejudo counters a second leg kick attempt with a solid right hand to the face. Cejudo easily takes Cariaso down. Cariaso, from the bottom, throws his legs up for a submission, however Cejudo nullifies the attempt. Cariaso scrambles back to his feet and the crowd cheers. Cejudo lands a solid right hand to the grill of the former UFC Flyweight title contender. Both guys are clinched against the cage now. Cejudo backs up and lands a Superman punch. Cejudo strings together a nice combination and we end up clinched against the cage again with Cejudo keeping Cariaso’s back against the fence. The fans break out in a loud “WOOOOO!” chant, ala pro wrestling legend Ric Flair, which they’ve been doing all night, by the way. Two minutes left in the round, as Cejudo takes Cariaso down for the second time in the fight. Cejudo gets some work in on the ground, but Cariaso ends up working his way back to his feet. Cejudo smothers Cariaso, keeping his back against the Octagon. Cejudo lands a decent knee to the body. It’s been pretty much all Cejudo here in the first, as we have 30 seconds left in the opening round. Cejudo backs up with 20 seconds left in the round. Cariaso lands a nice body kick. The round ends on that note. Easy round to score. scores the round 10-9 for Henry Cejudo.

Round 2: The second round opens with Cariaso coming out aggressively, pushing forward. Cejudo chops away at Cariaso’s legs with some low kicks. Cejudo puts together a combination with his hands, however Cariaso avoids the onslaught. Cejudo momentarily stuns Cariaso with a sneaky right hand at the end of a punch-combo. Cejudo easily takes Cariaso down. Cariaso immediately tries to wall-walk against the cage, however Cejudo keeps him down and ends up on top in Cariaso’s half guard. In a scramble, Cariaso works his way back to his feet. Cejudo clinches with Cariaso and pushes his back against the cage, working knees to the legs of the former title contender. Cariaso gets double-underhooks and turns Cejudo, pushing Cejudo’s back against the cage now. Cejudo battles his way out and both guys separate. Cejudo lands a nice body kick and again easily takes Cariaso down for the fourth time in the fight. Two minutes remaining in the second round as Cariaso manages to get Cejudo in his full guard from the bottom. Cariaso throws his legs up for a submission attempt, but Cejudo avoids it. Cejudo is working from inside Cariaso’s full guard with one minute left in the second frame. Cejudo stands up and backs out, but doesn’t let Cariaso up. Now he does let him back to his feet. Cejudo lands a nice body kick with 30 seconds left in the round. The round ends with Cejudo missing a wild head kick attempt. Another easy round to score. scores the round 10-9 for Henry Cejudo.

Round 3: The third and final round of our opening bout on the pay-per-view portion of tonight’s card opens up with both guys trading leg kicks. Cejudo catches Cariaso’s leg and takes him down. Cariaso made him work for it that time, but ultimately Cejudo secured his fifth takedown of the fight. Cejudo begins working elbows from the top. Joe Rogan rants on commentary about 12-6 elbows on the ground. Meanwhile, we have three minutes left in the fight with Cejudo controlling the action from inside Cariaso’s full guard. Cejudo stands up, backs out and allows Cariaso to return to his feet. A little over two minutes remain in the fight, and Rogan is still ranting about the 12-6 elbow issue. Cejudo throws a nice kick, which Cariaso responds to by throwing one of his own. Cejudo clinches with Cariaso, but Cariaso turns him and pushes Cejudo’s back against the cage. 90 seconds remain in the fight. Cejudo gets Cariaso down again. We’ve got one minute left in the fight with Cejudo controlling and dominating Cariaso from the top position. Cejudo has a bit of a neck crank/crucifix on Cariaso. This looks to be a spot where Cariaso is in trouble, a very weird submission attempt to describe, with Joe Rogan even having trouble describing it. Regardless, Cariaso gets out. With seconds left, Cariaso tries to secure a leg submission, but both guys scramble back to their feet as the horn sounds. scores the round 10-9 for Henry Cejudo.

Henry Cejudo def. Chris Cariaso via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

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